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skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Chariots of Fur - Monsterpiece Theater skit with Herry and Grover running down a beach

Watch it on YouTube

skit/cartoon A Christmas Pageant Prairie Dawn Production where Bert plays the tree!

~~ Deck The Halls from "A Muppet Family Christmas"

skit/cartoon Detective Grover gets to the bottom of a windy situation

skit/cartoon Donít Tip The Boat! skit where Grover tries to take a boat ride with various other monsters

~~ Four Furry Friends little ditty from these frolicking fellows

skit/cartoon The Four Seasons cute Prairie Dawn production number

sound byte alert! Fuzzy And Blue (And Orange!) three fuzzy friends

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.3M
and you can see it online at YouTube

skit/cartoon Grover's Counting Lesson skit with Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot, "I do not know how to count oranges!"

skit/cartoon Grover and Kermit - Here or There? skit w/Grover, Kermit, and a pile of bricks, not complete yet

skit/cartoon Grover and Kermit and the Stairs skit where Grover climbs to the stars, not complete yet

skit/cartoon Grover The Baker - skit with The Blue Guy where he's number 40 to be served

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Grover The Waiter - Big Or Little? where The Blue Guy decides between the big and small hamburgers

Available as a full .avi file 7M
or you can watch it on YouTube

You'll need the DivX codec to view the file, I got a copy here

skit/cartoon Grover The Waiter - and The Count where The Count wants a hot dog ... or two, or three or ...

skit/cartoon Grover Gives A Bathing Lesson with some help from his Mommy

skit/cartoon Grover Demonstrates The M Sound not complete yet, skit with Herbert Birdsfoot and some peanut butter

skit/cartoon Grover Talks To Himself surreal skit with Grover, and Grover, and ...

sound byte alert! Has Anybody Seen My Dog? "He's gone and left me, wo-wo-wo!"

Available as a full .mp3 file 4.3M ("Sesame Street Fever" version)

~~ How Do You Do? with Lena Horne and Grover

~~ I, Grover where you can learn to be just like Grover, or at least try

~~ I Stand Up Straight and Tall Grover's song of love for the letter I

~~ I Think That It Is Wonderful classic tune where everyone chimes in on their favorite subjects

~~ I Want To Be Your Friend Grover getting chummy with a suit of armour

~~ I'm Talkin' Love with Trisha Yearwood, Herry Monster, Baby Bear, Grover, and the Yip Yip Martian

skit/cartoon Just Because a letter Y skit which Grover turns into an Abbott and Costello routine!

skit/cartoon The King And I cute Monsterpiece Theatre skit with Grover as the King of Siam

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Let's Make A Face one of those Prairie Dawn Productions, kind of a play, kind of a song, kinda classic!

Watch it on YouTube

sound byte alert! The Monster In The Mirror Grover's wubba wubba song

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.5M
and you can watch the original 1989 celebrity version on YouTube

skit/cartoon The Monster Who Came In From The Cold skit where Grover and Kermit try to keep warm, not complete yet

~~ My Favorite Color Elmo and Grover's seem to be red and blue, I wonder why?

~~ My Shadow Grover and his shadowy pal

skit/cartoon Name That Sound game show parody with Guy Smiley and Grover, not complete yet

~~ Over, Under, Around and Through visuals would be a BIG help with this Grover classic!

sound byte alert! Picture A World gets harder as we get older, but with Sesame Street's help I think we can all picture this world

Visit YouTube for a wonderful clip with Perry Como, Julie Andrews, and the Muppets

sound byte alert! Proud Of Me as well you should be, Grover!

Watch it on YouTube

sound byte alert! The Question Song starts as a q lesson, but Grover is fixated on a cow! Classic

Watch it on YouTube

sound byte alert! Rappin' Alphabet if you could only see Grover breakdancing, you'd appreciate this song's true glory!

And now you can watch it for yourself at YouTube

sound byte alert! Sing After Me classic echo song, as done by Madeline Kahn and Grover, includes Oscar's version

Original tune available as a full .mp3 file 4.3M

~~ Still We Like Each Other Grover's lovely tune of friendship

~~ Surprise with Big Bird, Bob, Maria, Grover, Mr. Hooper and a Baker, not complete

~~ There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea classic tongue-twister by Grover, thanks, Don!

skit/cartoon picture(s) sound byte alert! The Thirty-Nine Stairs Monsterpiece Theatre production with Grover

See it on YouTube

sound byte alert! The Twelve Days Of Christmas classic muppet version of a holiday fave, great family singalong

Available as a full .mp3 file 4M

sound byte alert! Two "G" Sounds a lovely duet about the different sounds of the letter G with Grover and George

See it on YouTube

~~ We'll Do It Together also known as The Cookie Tree, classic

sound byte alert! What Do I Do When I'm Alone? Grover sings about being alone

Available as a full .mp3 file 2M
and see it on YouTube

SPECIAL When Muppets Cry not from the show, but a fan's beautiful tribute

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