Telly Word Skits

short skits starring Telly Monster (Martin P. Robinson)

NOTE: Not sure how many of these he did, so just the two for now. Any videoclips of 'em available?

Word - "Cold"

(Telly is dressed up for winter, shivering, standing behind a brick wall, with a big white letter C in front of him and the OLD off to the side.)

Telly: C-C.

(He walks over to the OLD)

Telly: OLD, OLD

(Telly walks back to the C and repeats the procedure, same with the OLD and gradually pushes the words together. He finally says the word).

Telly: Cold, Cold!

(Snow blows on him and he sneezes and sighs. Some more snow blows on him and he sneezes and sighs again.)

Word - "Hot"

(Telly is standing behind a brick wall. He pulls oven mitts on, and reaches down, pulls up a big red letter H, and sets it on the wall. The OT is a little distance away.)

Telly: H-H.

(He walks over to the OT)

Telly: OT, OT.

(He grabs the OT and slowly pulls it a little toward the H. He lets go quickly, shakes his hands, and says "Ow" while he is pulling it. He walks back to the H, repeats the procedure, until the word is together. He says the word).

Telly: HOT, HOT.

(A crackling sound is heard, Telly jumps, hugs himself and starts crying, and rubbing his hands and the skits ends with him sighing and patting himself.)

Transcribed by Michael Ducker