They Not Take That Away From Me

sung by Cookie Monster (Frank Oz) and Guy Smiley (Jim Henson)
with appearances by Farley (Jerry Nelson) and Little Girl Muppet (Fran Brill)


Cookie Monster: Oh, me got six cookies, and, boy, me feeling grand
Six cookies, in this dish here in me hand!
Six cookies, and me happy as can be
No, they not take that away from me!


Farley: Oh, hi, Cookie. Gee, I couldn't help but notice you got six cookies here in your plate.
I know you won't mind because I'm so hungry if I just help myself to three of them. Thanks a lot!

Cookie Monster: Wa ... wa ... wa ... wait! Oh!


Me had six cookies but me in a awful fix
'Cause cute little kid take away three of me six

Guy Smiley: (Pops up from nowhere startling Cookie)
But when you take three from six, you still got three

Cookie Monster: And they not take that away from me!
Yeah, me got three cookies, and, boy, me feeling proud
Three cookies, and me want to shout out loud!
Three cookies, count them; one, two, three
No, they not take that away from me!


Girl: Hi Cookie.

Cookie Monster: Hi!

Girl: Gee, it was very exciting watching you count those cookies

Cookie Monster: Yeah, yeah!

Girl: And boy, they look very good too.

Cookie Monster: Oh yeah!

Girl: Can I just borrow one for a while?

Cookie Monster: Wait ... wait!

Girl: Thanks, Cookie.

Cookie Monster: No ... no ... plea .... wait! OH!


Me had three cookies but, boy, do me feel sad
'Cause girl take one of the cookies that me had

Guy Smiley: (pops up and startles Cookie again)
But when you take one from three, you still got two
And they can't take that away from you!

Cookie Monster: Yeah, me got two cookies, and, boy, me feeling fine
Two cookies, they delicious and they mine!
Two cookies and me want to holler "Whee!"
'Cause they not take that away from me!


Guy Smiley: You know, Cookie Monster. These cookies on your plate just look awfully tasty.

Cookie Monster: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Guy Smiley: I think I might, uh, sort of help myself to a couple of them right here. Thank you very much.

Cookie Monster: Oh No! No! Please, Mr. Smiley! Please, no, no, no, no!

Guy Smiley: Thank You!

Cookie Monster: Oh!


Me had two cookies, but, oh, me feeling blue
'Cause Guy Smiley come grab each of me two
When you take two from two
You got nothing left to see
Nothing left to take from me!


Guy Smiley: Oh, yes there is, Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster: Wha?

Guy Smiley: Well, you see, you no longer have six cookies, or three, or two, or one, but you do have zero cookies!

Cookie Monster: Zero? Me do?

Guy Smiley: Yes, you do. You see, zero is a number of cookies you can have.

Cookie Monster: Really?

Guy Smiley: And right there on your plate, I see zero cookies.

Cookie Monster: Oh, Mr. Smiley. Me thank you so much.


Yeah, me got zero cookies, and, boy, me feeling great
Zero cookies, here on this empty plate!
Zero cookies, me give me guarantee, they not take that away
Number zero save me day!
No, they not take that away from me!

(Takes a cookie that isn't on the plate and eats it)

Taste great and less filling too. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

(looks at plate)

What the hey? A-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-oh!!!

(from the show, not the album version, after he finishes eating an empty plate)

Me love zero!

Transcribed by CookieCountDawn, last part added by

available on the video

Cookie Monster's Best Bites

Cookie Monster's Best Bites (1995)
, also available on DVD