"Thinking of "U"

sung by the Sesame Street Beetles
written by Christopher Cerf

Announcer: (in a *very* British accent) Ladies and gentlemen, with a tribute to the letter U, The Beetles!

(audience goes nuts with screams and applause)

"U", thinking of "U"
"U", only of "U"

You give me understanding
The whole day through
You wake me up when I am blue

"U", dreaming of "U"
"U", only of "U"
You know very well
I'm under the spell of "U"

"U", ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
"U", ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

You give me my umbrella
With raindrops in view
It makes me sad when you're untrue

"U", waiting for you
"U", only for you
You know very well
I'm under the spell of "U"
I love "U"
Only "U"

(spoken as the huge letter U hanging over their heads begins to fall down)
Beetles' drummer: It's "U", lads. Run! or we'll get crushed!

Transcribed by Jeff Peck and William Powell, with a bit of help from me, Tiny Dancer

available on the CD-ROM

Sesame Street: Letters