W For Wilbur

cartoon starring Wilbur and a walking letter W

(Wilbur is happily skipping along with his letter W before he puts it on the ground.)

This is the capital letter W.
Its the first letter in the name Wilbur.

(The letter W starts walking away)

Excuse me for one moment, please.

(Walks off-screen. Captures the W and puts it on the ground. W starts walking away again.
Captures it again with a struggle. Angrily stares at it while holding a fist to it.)

As I was saying, thats the capital letter W!

(W starts walking away again. Wilbur walks off-screen and, supposedly, captures it off-screen.
However, the W carries Wilbur back on-screen and slams him onto the ground.
W starts walking away again as he now points to a W in the name Wilbur.)

Thats the capital letter W.
Its a real, big letter!

Memorized by Mikealan802@aol.com