How I Miss My X

sung by Patti Labelle in a small nightclub
as a blues number to her straying X

When the springtime blooms
With its flowery perfumes
Ohhhh, how I miss my "X"

When the moon shines high
And the purple clouds roll by
Ohhhh, how I miss my "X"

When my memories stray
To the dreams of yesterday
Not one of my friends suspects
That beneath my smile
I am aching all the while
Ohhhh, how I miss my "X"
This evening
How I miss my "X"

I miss the laughs we had many
No cares we hadn't any
All good times, no great times
Just a laugh come-what-may times
The world was aflame with love's glow
I didn't know
How soon you'd go?

(As she sings this verse, we see some of her memories of these good times.
First it shows a scene of Patti and her X sharing a soda at the soda fountain.
Then they are floating in a boat on a river.
Next, we see them having a picnic on the bank of the river.
It starts to rain, and she holds her parasol over them.
The scene changes back to the nightclub.)

Yes, the days go by
But those memories never die
Ohhhh, how I miss my "X"

It was gone too fast
All those golden moments passed
Ohhhh, how I miss my "X"
I mean it
Ohhhh, how I miss my ....

(the letter "X" now appears from audience)


"X" ! My darling "X" there you are
Where were you?
I've been going crazy looking for you
You left me
Why'd you leave me?
Don't you like me anymore?
You do?!
Well, don't ever stray
Please stay
I love your little green nose
I love your little eyes
And I love the way you crisscross
I just love ya, I just love ya "X"
Don't ever leave me, sugar
Honey, give me a kiss

*SMACK* ( use your imagination here )

Transcribed by the archive Webmistress Tiny Dancer and Silvery Shoe