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Rachel and her grandfather


Rachel & Stevie

Rachel & Stevie in the subway
New York City, Dec. 2001

Rachel & Naz

Rachel & Naz in the subway
NYC, Dec. 2001

Rachel & Stevie

Rachel & Stevie in BBQs
NYC, Dec. 2001

Rachel & Stevie

Stevie & Rachel in Kelly's bedroom, vavoom!
NYC, Dec. 2001

Rachel & Tom

Tom & Rachel
NYC, Dec. 2001

Stevie, Tom, & Rach

Stevie, Tom & Rach signing cards and making phone calls
NYC, Dec. 2001

Rachel, Tom & Rhonda

Rach, Tom and Rhonda in Toronto


Rachel and Adam tying the knot, Oct. 2004 *sniff*


Rachel and Adam Oct. 2004, oooh-lala!

NOTE: From, reprinted with Rachel's permission.

Favorite 70s Summer:

My favourite 70s summer had to be from the first in my memory ( I would have been two) until the summer my Popa died. I can remember going downtown in our city to buy sandals at this one family owned store. It was called Roland Hills and it was the best place. The kids shoes were all downstairs in this ancient store and there was a huge rocking horse and a slide built into the wall. Getting your sandals meant summer was near. You'd get the white leather summer sandals that used to get stones stuck in them from time to time, with buckles and that coloured leather smell. Then it was off to Kmart for the sandals that everyone had... blue or red ... spongy flat soles with plastic criss cross to hold them on and a big flower on the foot.

Swimming, popsicles, wearing shorts and the light dresses that flared out when you spun around. Knee socks and skipping ropes, pink lemonade and picnics. Barbie in her swimming pool, Band-Aids on bare knees, barbeques, bike riding on warm summer evenings, baby doll pjs, pig tails that were like thick ropes in summer heat, parades, drive-ins , sundresses, and the tan you'd get from just being outside playing. Open windows and the zero level of stress of just being a kid in the summer.

The summer my Popa died, he came to visit us for a month as usual and my whole kindergarten class came for pink lemonade and peanut butter cookies. We all walked to my house and sat in a circle in the backyard as we listened to him tell stories from his youth in the "old country". He spoke to each child individually. He was the kind of guy everyone wanted to talk to and be near. The next day in school, the teacher had us all draw him a picture and she made it into a book that says "Thank you". He made such a big deal out of it and made me feel so important - its a feeling that is so special because I will never feel it again. Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly a few days later but I still have the book.

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