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I'm Talkin' Love

sung by Trisha Yearwood
with Herry Monster (Jerry Nelson), Baby Bear (David Rudman), and Grover (Frank Oz)
Music by Paul Jacobs
Lyrics by Sarah Durkee


Herry: Hi, Trisha.

Trisha: Hi, Herry.

Herry: Oh, nice moon, huh?

Trisha: Sure is, but it's making me kinda sad. It just reminds how far away my friend is. I really, really miss him.

Herry: Aww, cheer up, Trisha. Where is your friend?

Trisha: Far away, very far.

Herry: Like China? (music starts)

Trisha: Farther.

Herry: Gee, like New Jersey.

Trisha: Even farther.

Herry: Are you going to sing a song about it, Trisha? Is that why the music's starting to play?

Trisha: I guess so, maybe that'll make me feel better.

Herry: Yeah!


Trisha: If he lived right down the street, I'd get to go out and meet him at the mall

Herry: But he's far away

Trisha: If he lived oceans away, I'd still pick up my phone and call

Herry: Golly, how far is he?

Trisha: I'm talkin' far. I'm talkin' far, far, far ...
Past where you can plane or train or drive in a car
A really really really big number of miles away
Let's just say
I'm talkin' far ...


Baby Bear: Hi, Herry, hi, Trisha.

Trisha and Herry: Hi.

Baby Bear: Hey, Trisha, is something wrong? You look so sad.


Trisha: Since my friend went away, can't even turn on a tiny smile

Herry and Baby Bear: She feels bad

Trisha: We used to laugh everyday
I haven't laughed in a real long while

Herry and Baby Bear: Gee, how sad are you?

Trisha: I'm talkin' sad
I'm talkin' sad, sad, sad
Sadder than the saddest lonely I've ever had
A really really really down low kind of shade of blue
I tell you -
I'm talkin' sad


Grover: Hello, Baby Bear. Greetings, Herry, Trisha.

Trisha: Hello.

Grover: Ah, what a lovely moon, I really did not want to miss seeing it, you know.

All: Miss? Did you say miss?

Grover: Oh, yes, I really love it.

All: Love? Did you say love?


Trisha: I can't bear bein' apart, he used to call me his favorite girl

Herry, Baby Bear and Grover: She's in love

Trisha: He blasted into my heart and then he blasted right out of this world

Herry, Baby Bear and Grover: How much do you love him?

Trisha: I'm talkin' love
I'm talkin' love, love, love
Sweeter than the sweetest feeling you can think of
A really really really way up kinda flying high
Oh my my
I'm talkin' love
I'm talkin' love
I'm talkin' far

Herry, Baby Bear & Grover: She's talkin' far

Trisha: I'm talkin' sad

Herry, Baby Bear & Grover: She's talkin' sad

Trisha: I'm talkin' love!

Herry, Baby Bear & Grover: She's talkin' love!


Yip Yip Martian: Oh, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip.

Trisha: There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you, I'm so happy to see you!

Yip Yip Martian: Trisha, Trisha, Trisha.

Trisha: Where have you been?

Yip Yip Martian: Bad traffic, bad traffic.

Trisha: Let's go, come on.

Yip Yip Martian: Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip.

Trisha: Yip, yip, yip, yip.

Yip Yip Martian: Oh yip, yip, yip, yip.

Herry: Some guys have all the luck.

Transcribed by CookieCountDawn via the Songs From The Street: 35 Years Of Music box set

available on the 3-CD Box Set

Songs From The Street: 35 Years Of Music

Songs From The Street: 35 Years Of Music