I Want To Be Your Friend

sung by Grover to a suit of armor
from the video, "Don't Eat The Pictures"

Shiny chum, don't be shy
Don't be mum, just say "hi!"
And we can play together
I want to be your friend.
Let's play ball, let's fly kites
Best of all, let's be knights!
We'll be so brave together,
I want to be your friend.

We can ride upon our horsies where adventure can be found
Save a dragon from a princess--or the other way around?
We will challenge every villain, in the east and in the west,
And we'll find a baby birdie and return it to its nest.

Through enchanted forests we'll go strolling,
And on Saturdays, we could go bowling!

Shiny sir, this I feel,
I am fur, you are steel,
But we belong together, faithful 'til the end
Oh I want to be, oh I want to be, oh I want to be
Your friend.

Transcribed by the friendly Kristin