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How do I keep from leaning forward at the line?

PROBLEM: Leaning forward in the slide.

Leaning forward in your slide causes an abrubt, short slide. An abrubt slide reduces the efficiency of energy transfer to the ball and causes aiming problems.


  1. The most common cause of leaning forward in the slide is leaning forward in your stance. You may be leaning forward in anticipation or because you are holding the ball too far in front of your body. Whatever reason, you wind up leaning forward throughout your approach and running to maintain balance.
  2. Imbalance resulting from a loss of synchronization between your pendulum armswing and stride. Typically your swing is ahead of your stride and you are leaning forward attempting to catch up with the ball. Or the balls weight is pulling you forward as it approaches the release.
  3. However, it is possible that your swing is behind your stride. In this situation, your slide is ending before you are ready to release the ball. As a result you could be leaning forward in an attempt to keep your body moving until your swing reaches the release point.
  4. Finally, you may be leaning forward because your ball is to heavy. In this situation, the balls weight pulls you down into a leaning posture as it is extended forward during your pushaway.


The first and easiest thing to check is ball weight. Make sure that your ball is not too heavy to control confortably

Monitor your approach for the loss of synchronization which is causing your swing (and the ball) to be ahead or behind your stride. The problem will very likely be found in your pushaway and first step. You may also be "muscling" the ball during the forward part of your swing, causing your swing to move ahead of your stride

Stand erect throughout your approach and slide. At no time should you allow your body to bend forward. As your weight comes forward from your right foot into your last step, stride down into your sliding stance and begin sliding on the ball of your left foot. As you slow to a stop, all of your weight should be centered over your left foot.

Hold the slide stance pose with your weight over your left foot until your arm follow-through is completed.

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