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Elimination Round 1
Game 1
Destruction Eternal (de)
ViperMac | Calamity
The Angelus | Tarvos Wildfire
Tripple Nipple 1 (TN1)
Aalders | Salz | Black Blood
Belisarius | Berean

Game 1

Game 1 Results
Team Units Lost Points Scoring Breakdown Result
Destruction Eternal 41 11 win + 8 balls Win
Tripple Nipple 1 49 1 1 ball Loss

Tripple Nipple start in the center and northeast, while Destruction Eternal's two armies start in the northwest and southwest. de opt for a boring maximum-infantry and journeyman troop setup, while TN are more daring. One of their armies takes maximum infantry and two archers, while the other takes three dwarves, a journeyman, three ghols and only five warriors and ten thrall.

The game starts, and Aalders' dwarves charge ViperMac. Due to abysmal play by ViperMac, the three dwarves are actually worth their points! One of Viper's thrall kills a dwarf, and the rest of his thrall walk over the satchel charges, the resulting explosion vaporizing twelve thrall. After the initial dust and body parts have settled, ViperMac has lost 12 thrall, a journeyman and a wight in exchange for two dwarves.

Sensing weakness, both TN armies move in on ViperMac's remaining troops and destroy them. However, some friendly fire ensues and Aalders emerges with heavy casualties. The Angelus moves in on the two poorly coordinated TN armies, and takes them out. de then heal Belisarius' wight and use the resulting pus to annihilate his remaining thrall in the northeast, their journeyman taking a heavy toll as well. Embarassingly for de, they overlook one ball in the cleanup and a TN ghol grabs it and runs for an easy point.

Game 2

Game 2 Results
Team Units Lost Points Scoring Breakdown Result
Destruction Eternal 36 12 win + 9 balls Win
Tripple Nipple 1 64 0   Loss

Destruction Eternal start in the center and northwest this game, while their opponents' armies start northeast and southwest. All armies take maximum infantry and a journeyman, except Aalders, who takes a dwarf instead (only one this time).

When the game starts, Aalders' army charges up the northeast ramp onto the hill, where de are waiting for them. Poor infantry use spells the end for their short-lived offensive, and even a nice pus intervention from Salz can't save them. Tarvos Wildfire's ghols get at least ten kills in this melee!

Meanwhile, Salz's thrall attack ViperMac's entire army and are quickly pureed. Salz's warriors run away to the center and get pussed by Tarvos, then flee northeast into Angelus' thrall and die valiantly. Destruction Eternal clean up and tag all nine balls to win.

Game 3

Game 3 Results
Team Units Lost Points Scoring Breakdown Result
Destruction Eternal 30 2 2 flags Loss
Tripple Nipple 1 21 10 win + 7 flags Win

Destruction Eternal start in the southeast, and go for ten archers and three wights for pus. Tripple Nipple start northwest and take only one wight, opting instead for more warriors. DE go for a big zerk flank to the northeast, sending the rest of their army west. Tripple Nipple fortify their home flag, and their zerks travel to the middle. TN's forest giant makes a strike against the large DE army, and kills their journeyman, taking massive archer damage in the process. He runs back to the TN army, with ViperMac's forest giant in pursuit. The TN giant veers off to one side, and ViperMac has a great opportunity to nail the TN journeyman (it's unguarded on one side of their army), but he misses it and goes away. TN heal their forest giant and offer praise for their lucky escape.

TN later force a forest giant duel, which ends up with both forest giants dead. In the endgame, DE brings a surprise wight out of the northeast pool and gets TN's zerks a nasty blow, but their zerk and warrior force is unable to take these wounded zerks out. A messy cleanup ends with TN holding seven of nine flags for the win.

Game 4

Game 4 Results
Team Units Lost Points Scoring Breakdown Result
Destruction Eternal 20 10 win + 7 flags Win
Tripple Nipple 1 36 2 2 flags Loss

Both armies start in the same positions, and take the same troop setups. This time Destruction Eternal go to the center with their zerks and forest giant, and start a zerk war which they win easily. DE's forest giant circles around to nail the unguarded TN journeyman and kills it, and at the same time TN's forest giant takes some severe damage from the DE zerks. TN's archers are similarly unprotected and are taken out by the DE pack of zerks. Meanwhile, the TN giant is so badly hurt that it gets taken out by a stray DE ghol. DE send their forest giant against a large warrior force, but it gets trapped and killed just as time runs out, leaving TN with two flags.

Game 5

Game 5 Results
Team Units Lost Points Scoring Breakdown Result
Destruction Eternal 21 3 win + 8% Win
Tripple Nipple 1 24 0   Loss

DE start in the southeast, TN in the northeast. Both armies set up on opposite sides of the main bowl, and much soulless feinting ensues, although no real shots are fired. With one minute to go, both armies charge their melee into the bowl and start a fight; the battle is won by DE due to their choice of a balanced warrior and thrall mix (as opposed to TN's warrior-heavy army). It's still a close game.

Match Summary (films)

Match Results
Team Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Total Result
Destruction Eternal 11 12 2 10 3 38 Win
Tripple Nipple 1 1 0 10 2 0 13 Loss

Destruction Eternal show that they've still got the prowess that they showed in the Qualifying Round, and smack Tripple Nipple down in this match. Some of the games are closer than DE would have liked (especially game three, which goes TN's way due to endgame blunders), and there are some amusing incidents to watch for: check out Aalders' dwarves in Game 1!

- Butcher

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