You And What Army Biographies

Adam Scurfy - Guitar, Vocals

A purely business talk with Adam-nothing more

Early Life- It all started when Adam was a young boy in Pittsburgh, PA. His dad would always sing for his mom, sister and him. He always hoped that someday Adam would play guitar too. Years later after moving to San Diego, Adam got his first guitar. He was a nine year old with a fierce Seville Classical guitar with nylon strings. He was always trying to play Poison and Warrant songs on it. He never had any formal lessons, but his dad taught him a few chords. He started to get better and he was playing some Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He started to get even better when Pearl Jam and Nirvana came about. Then he started to learn how to read music and tab, and he was playing hard stuff like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. He memorized a lot of the albums and learned whatever solo skills he has by constantly practicing, and started to get better.

5 Finger Discount- He joined his first band named 5 Finger Discount where he played lead guitar. 5 Finger Discount consisted of Caleb Medico on bass and Brandon Fink (Now of Drats) at drums and lead vocals. They played a pop punk style and that was Adam's first introduction to punk rock. He liked this music, because it was loud and fast and fun. 5 Finger Discount changed their name about a year later and got a new bass player/singer named Doug Bell. They were a hardcore punk style, and sang political punk with an edge. They have a lot of home recordings (horrible quality) still in existence. They were about to play their first show with Scribble 6 months after the name and singer/bass change and they broke up two days before the show. Adam was disappointed even though the band really didn't go anywhere at all.

The YAWA Effect- Adam tried to get his own band going so he could write more than just music, but there wasn't anyone around that he could find that wasn't already in a band. He became good friends with the boys from Scribble, and Bailey, from a new band called You And What Army. They were all talking one day at break and Bailey asked Adam, "Can you play any solos?" Adam had seen You And What Army play with Scribble and No Class at Blues Bros. In Poway. They played an all cover set including a lot of songs Adam liked. But they sounded pretty good. Adam quickly replied, "Sure, just run through the songs with me sometime." They did the next day, and the next thing Adam knew, he was playing almost everyday in Jeff Mifflin's room with them. He worked out solos and backup vocals. About two week of having Adam in the band they got some recording equipment and recorded the infamous "Diarrhea Session." It was YAWA's demo tape. The story behind the Diarrhea thing is that Adam had a horrible sickness for about a month where he lost ten pounds due to the constant runs. It turned out Adam would spend Christmas and New Years '99, due to being admitted in the hospital for his disease. He spent a month in the hospital but when he got out he was ready to start getting ready for an upcomming YAWA show which turned out to be really sucessful. In case you were wondering what that was all about. The tape came out pretty good, and they were always getting new songs. And before all that they had recorded a CD which is now available at shows. The CD was recorded 6/12/99 at Doubletime Studios. Now Adam also has a very loving girlfriend, Amanda that has stuck through his recent hard times, and he loves her very much. "Amanda deserves a rich rock star" Hopefully this wish is fullfilled. Adam hasn't played any songs he wrote yet, but plans to someday if they turn out right. Since then YAWA has played shows including one at their school Mt. Carmel High School. As of late the web site and the ammount of shows YAWA has set up has picked up. So it's looking up for the band. Who knows what's to come?

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