You And What Army Biographies

Bailey Warren A.K.A. Rip Van Manners - Guitar, Vocals

A conversation by the fireside with Bailey (What a treat!!!)

Early Life- I was born on May 23rd 1980 in San Diego. I have lived in the same house all my life. My childhood was pretty uneventful. I attended Carmel Mt. Preschool, then Kindergarten twice at Rolling Hills Elementary. I then attended middle school at Meadowbrook. It was during this time when music started to become a big part of my life. I was introduced to Green Day by my good friend and neighbor Brad Moser. I became obsessed with the band. The only musical talent I had at this time was playing clarinet in the school band. It was pretty lame but I met another good friend, Donny Teske. We shared an interest in Green Day. It was in 8th grade that I first started wanting to play in a band. Brad helped me by giving me his electric guitar. Nothing impressive, but I still use it today and would not trade it for anything. My mom, who taught guitar lessons in college, taught me a few major chords. Later, I was able to write my first song called "Parents."

Damaged Goods- A few years before, I had met another friend, Josh Clements, through Cub Scouts. By this time we were all going to Mt. Carmel, and he had gotten a bass amp with two inputs. I bought a guitar cord and played through his amp. We worked on a few songs, but I hadn't learned how to sing and play at the same time, so it was instrumental. We needed a drummer. Along came Cory Janett. He bought a really cheap set off a friend. I had bought a 20-watt RMS amp. I don't recommend you buy a RMS amp. Damaged Goods was formed. We practiced for a while, and I decided to call up Donny, who attended Poway High now, to come watch us. We played a little then Josh and Cory had to go home. Donny sat down at the drums and we played some Green Day covers. I was blown away at the difference between Cory, who couldn't keep a beat, and Donny. I didn't want to kick Cory out, so I did nothing. Shortly after, Damaged Goods broke up.

Beginning Days of Scribble- Josh and I were still playing, so I asked Donny to play drums. He said he would but he didn't have a set. He soon acquired a set from his brother's roommate. I still could not play and sing, so I asked Cory to sing. We wrote about 5 songs, called ourselves Scribble, and recorded on a 4-track. Cory became bored with just singing so I taught him to play guitar. We wrote more songs. We ended up playing at Soma. After that things went downhill. Cory and I couldn't agree on a style. I wanted it harder, he wanted a more poppy sound. We stopped practicing. Soma called again, so we decided to play for fun. It ended up being one of the best times of my life, however, we didn't bring any people in. Scribble tried to record once again but failed to do so and I quit.

A Dark Time For The Force- I wanted to start another band but no one played the drums. At the end of my Junior year I got my first real amp that I currently use and am happy with. Scribble was still playing, now a three-piece. I was so desperate to join that I begged Cory to let me rejoin, but he didn't. I began to hate Scribble and they returned the favor. During this time I wrote many lyrics, some of which are now YAWA songs.

The Forming of You And What Army- At the beginning of my Senior year I met Andrew Middleton who was in a ska band called Skatomic Bomb. I will refrain from making any comments about Skatomic Bomb. Andrew wanted to start a punk rock band. We found two people to complete the band: Jeff Mifflin and Patrick Gladney. Jeff played drums, Pat played bass. We set up in Jeff's room and played nothing but cover songs. We were able to play at Blues Brothers in Poway with Scribble, No Class, and Drats, another recently formed band. Andrew just wasn't cutting it. Between his random ska riffs and never being able to practice, I searched for another lead guitarist. I asked Adam Fleckenstein, he said yes, and Andrew was removed from You And What Army. We started writing our own material. Things began to change in the band and in my life. I was playing what I wanted to play and felt a bond with the band members I hadn't felt before. Our songs were angry and full of energy. Real punk rock, by my standards. We got so caught up in the music that we trashed Jeff's room on more than one occasion.

Today- I am now having more fun with this band than I did with Scribble or anyone else. We have written more songs, each with something to say, and each means something to us. I have written a few songs that we don't play just because we don't feel the energy in it. I have found out what it is all about. I no longer hate Scribble. I have found a great appreciation for the band, and consider them some of my best friends. This year has been incredibly good to me. I now have a band that fucking rocks so hard I want to cry. I have found a type of love that I feel for my friends and band mates especially that I did not know existed, and I have met the most special person I have ever known. Much love and respect to all family, friend, and people who've supported us, and especially Anna.


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