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I was born 715 am december 18th 1980...big whoop. I lived in del mar for 2 years , then moved to rancho penasquitos into the house right next to Bailey Warren...aka rip van manners, infamous cheeky bastard and frontman/guitarist for Yawa. Coincidence?!?! yeah, probibly. We became fast friends, and shared a ton of fucking hilarious memories, and even some sad ones in the 13years we were next door neighbors...we caused a lot of trouble and lit a lot of shit on fire...we even got arrested and charged with making prank phone calls (anarchy!!...ok, so we were like 12..but we still got convicted and punished for it). And while im on the subject, we both got kicked of the schools safety patrol together (fuck safe crossing!!!) 5th grade. I was a normal child of the late 80s, I liked bart simpson, I owned a pair of british knight shoes, I liked milli vanilli when everyone else did...and at one point in time...i thought it would be a great idea to get lines shaved in the side of my head a la vanilla know, the usual stuff. Being young was good, and as far as any relevence to dad taught me a lot about diversity and introduced me to classical music and big band as well...two of my favorite types of music. All my life Ive had a huge respect and love for music and musicians...and I can honestly say I could not live without music...its a drug to me. SOOOO, in fifth grade, my life changes...i come across my first "punk" album..white trash... by NOFX...and that changed the way I looked at music forever. I began to fiend on punk and hardcore...after nofx there was pennywise, then subhumans, then decendants...and the list went on...i got such an early start...ive got a huge knowledge of punk and hardcore im cool and your not. Back to relevant seventh grade...i was introduced to green day by jeff corbin....and I had never heard anything like then I was making tapes for my neighbor bailey with the bands mentioned before and others like hoover, fugazi.etc...and before long he was hooked too...he liked green day so much when I gave him a listen....he asked for a copy of the whole tape....not just a sample....and from there he fell in love with the band. High school rolled along...and my parents split up...i was forced to move into my aunts apartment...and lived there for a few months...the point is...i had to move away from my bailey...and we grew apart for the last half of 9th grade and the better half of 10th grade. He became better friends with josh clements and it was during this time that the band that is now known as scribble was just getting its start...I was concentrating on playing basketball and not failing out of school, as well as trying to see how many girls I could get and dump since I never had the luxery in middle school. Our paths crossed again in late 10th grade when I stopped hanging out with all my ass slapping jock friends and started to get more serious into the music I had always loved...we started hanging out at lunch again, with josh (who is now my clubbing partner no....YEEEESS!) and some kid named corey who I always used to make fun of freshman year. corey eventually became the front man for scribble blah blah was fun to hang out. Bailey ended his stint with scribble...and him and I spent the most part of our shitty junior year trying to set up jams with dj...the fat drummer for drats...but his lazy ass was never down to we were fucked. It changed senior year. Our circle of friends started expanding...and we began hanging with some new people. Bailey and I still had the passion for playing...but being the cynic that I am...and the dumbass that I am...i stopped looking for an outlet to make sure I would graduate...and cause I got tired of nothing happening. I still put on some shows though. I dont remember the details...but in my human relations class...i met a kid who sat next to me...he loved operation ivy...and he pissed me off cause he kept interfereing when I tried to flirt with tina garrow...she was hot. His name was Adam Scurfy. He started hanging out with the lunch crew...and became friends with Bailey...He also got into a number of hilarious fights with corey and josh....but thats not important. Bailey hooked up with andrew..guitarist for skatomicbomb...and Jeff Mifflin (yes THE jeff mifflin) who I knew only as the guy that fell over in my english class because he was on drugs...and Patrick Gladney...and they started jamming...they were pretty luck would have it...i was putting on a bbq at the blues bros in poway...and baileys band wanted to play...i agreed but only If I could name this new band...he said ok,and I named them you and what army...because I thought it was a damn good and funny. Time passed...andrew wasnt interested...and quit...adam joined...and some shows were played...nothing dad died...we all graduated...summer came and went with nothing to show for anyone...and time rolled into winter...The band parted ways on good good terms with Patrick for personal band reasons...and I joined...over the holidays...we began practicing and ive quickly learned the songs. Im confident about the position im filling....even never playing bass time spent playing guitar has made me familiar with the bass...and im getting good. Yawa is getting really good...things are looking up...We are booking shows...doing merch, planning stuff, and attacking things like never before...and weve got high hopes for a lot of watch out now!! Being in yawa and more importantly just having the friends I do...has taught me a lot about life. I love my friends...and I found out who was really there in the thick,when my dad died. a lot of people turned their back on me...and they know who they are...but those who stuck by me quietly showed so much to me. So I want to say thanks to bailey, cause you arent even my are my brother, weve shared a lot and I wouldnt trade it for anything, im glad you havefound someone as supercool and super nice as anna...hi anna. and thanks to Adam, who is the fucking coolist guy I know...and my very bestist glad you also found one of the other few super cool and super nice girls on the planet...hi amanda. Last but not least, thanks to Jeff...i dont know you all that well, but next to adam, you are the nicest guy I know...and strangly a good friend. All three of you helped me realize that you dont choose your friends for anything but who they thanks I love you guys. Were gonna take hold of san diego very soon...So thats it, wow...i guess this is even longer than baileys and adams....and I left out a lot of stuff too....i guess we all just have an interesting story...or not...maybe I just talk too much...hah! but you read it so get stuffed wanker!!! I gotta go now...see you when I see you! hell awaits...rock! Brad Business feb 00'

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