You And What Army Lyrics

The Good and The Bad

My cup is always half empty, so what if I don't have a positive attitude
I look at he world as I see it, with no exaggerated glory
You tell me to look for the good side, sometimes it's just not there
Take off conditioning's blindfold and then tell me, what do you see?

You have to take the good and the bad
If you shut out what's wrong, how will you fix it?
Push all your problems under the rug
The rug will only hide so much, then what?

The truth is upsetting to many so turn your head and look away 
It's funny how all of your problems seem to be someone else's fault
Don't try to judge me as negative, I'm not such a bad person 
I see the way I do because I see through the bullshit, I see through your bullshit

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