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- 7-20-01

Coming soon........a re-release of............THE DIARRHEA SESSIONS!!!!


hey everyone, hmm i sit here on the cusp of a brand new semester at a god awful community college...classes start tomorrow, i hate college. why bring this up? just to say that officially YAWAs summer of love is over...(sad) band wise, this summer was fucking amazing. by my count...when all is said and done...well have played 8 shows in just under 5 weeks (we have one left to go). not bad eh? and thats not counting around 4 shows we had to turn down due to personal conflicts, and not being able to schedule any for the latter half of june due to bones' vacation. so all in all, im completely satisfied...if not a little burnt out, and i know the other guys feel the same way too. we had a great time and some memorable moments in the last 5 or so weeks, and were really glad we got an opportunity to rock out as much as we did. We met more people than any of us can remember, spread the word about the band far and wide, made great contacts...and most of all had a ton of fun playing. thanks to nina, jen, matt msv, doreen, and anyone that helped us play. we got to be so busy, that i totally lagged on the newsletter, theres been no real web updates, and all our merch is sold out..which brings me to the next item of news..after our next show..saturday in camarillo with Automatic 7...were breaking from shows for the month of september to retool the webpage, stock up on all merch, then record and press a new YAWA release! woo hoo. youll be able to watch the website as it progresses..but other than that, youll see us back out live in october with a new recording for well as (i know we already promised this) tshirts, 3 kinds of stickers, buttons, undies, thongs, and no more people signing the list saying..i want a cd!!! or emails asking when were recording...cuz we have the date september. tracks set in stone are "die today" "dont give in" "till we die" and "road to the good life". well probibly record 3 brand new ones, and maybe an old one or two on top of that...check back here and for more details...ok keep it peeled for new web shit...otherwise see you guys soon...stay evil


ok, here goes. the benefit at the epicentre last night with Notice, Kamala, and Camerica went quite was on again, off again..and not confirmed till a few days before, but all ran smoothly and we were pleased with the turnout becuase we did nothing to promote the show except beg a few friends here and there :) so we thank notice and gary of accident prone for bringing most of the people that were there, thanks to mark and chris g for the show, and special thanks to dough and my new favorite band KAMALA! these guys are deadly...they were also very nice...the entire band rocked out to them and so should you, check out Ok, next on the docket...this friday aug4th..the show youve all been waiting for..stringmasters in poway 6pm, 6bux...i dont know how its gonna work, but supposedly theres around 16 bands playing! rock! Were playing in between larger than life and counterfit on the main stage and we go on at 830pm so you have no excuse to miss us..what other bands you ask? um, sloppy meat eaters, agent, kamala, spazboy, staring back, over it, makeshift, the excuse, self explanitory and others. you know youll be there. Our show after that will of course be with the fabulous band Osker of epitaph records...hopefully some of you will make the drive to see us rock out. Lastly, t shirts are being made as we put in an order email and let him know you want one...and hell give you all the details..until then..stay evil...


hey here with some news for the masses..first off our ENTIRE doubletime cd/ep is now availible for FREE at so go there now and get the 4 songs you dont have!! much love to fernando for doing our shit!! the songs we just put up are some of our best, so dont miss up..yeah, so the show with notice isnt happening tonight...unlike some other bands out there, we dont really have anyone we want to blame or some clever reason for why we didnt play...the epicentre just couldnt get security...theres a rumor going around that it will happen next thursday, but that is not true. we also have a show in the works with drats, pbr, and the nieghbors on august 2nd ...but thats not set in stone...well keep you of right now, our next confirmed show is the show at stringmasters in poway on aug. 4th...its 6 and what army will be rockin out on the main stage with agent, lucky 7, counterfit, kamala, and larger than life..we go on third right before counterfit around 815 so dont miss us!! there will also be a side stage featuring spazboy, onetrackmind, and two others. um, i believe thats it for now...recording is just a heartbeat away, as well as new tshirts, 3 different types of stickers, buttons, patches, g strings and baileys moms black to you guys later...stay evil

PENIS!!!! PENIS!!!! PENIS!!!! - 7-2-00

Ok, we know its been a long time...but weve been busy with some stuff. Latest news...weve got a gang of shows coming at you in july/aug/sept...look at our brand new shows page once its up to see whats going on in the world of yawa, our next show is on Fri July 14th at mira mesa..sadly Adam is going to miss the show cuz hell be in the hospital for a few days(for those that dont know, hes fine...and will be out and about very quickly). The good new is, bones will be back in the seat on the drums and rockin out...and the whole band will be back in full swing on at the august 2nd show. Weve got merch on the way, a recording date set, and our mp3s are doing quite nicely...if you havent gotten them...get your fucking stanky ass to and get them please...we need the help...ok , thats all talk to you soon...stay evil


Kelly's Coffee House is located in Bonita. Take 163 to 805 South and get off on the Bonita/E Street Exit. Go East until you cross Willow Street. Look for a Century 21 on the right hand side. Kelly's Coffee House is behind Century 21. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!


Thanks to all of you who came out on March 10th to see the show!!! Sorry we got cut a little short. But you have another chance this month to see us!!! On Friday March 17th at 7pm we're playing at the Coronado Teen come on down and watch the show!!! We'll have all the merch there, so if you're still wanting to get your YAWA stuff bring a few extra bucks. We'll see you there!!!

NEWS NEWS NEWS!!! Updates are over rated! - 2-24-00

After a long hiatus, YAWA is back and we're kicking ass and taking names. Adam is out of the hospital and Brad is the new Bass player extraordinare. As far as shows go...March 10th we're playing at the Epicentre with Agent 51, Lucky 7, Sloppy Meateaters, Napkin, and Mr. Supervillain...also we may play at a party, and we're working on a Coronado Teen Center show as well. Merchindise will be available at the March 10th show so bring a couple extra bucks...and be sure to sign the mailing list, because we love you. And be sure to say You And What Army at the door, because we put on the show and that's the only way we'll get our money back. Bailey is still ugly and Patrick Gladney has a Huge Cock...we've seen it now so we have proof. Make sure you say hi to patrick at the show because he's going to be manning the smoke makers. And also be sure to make Brad Business feel welcome...and if you're a nice young lady...he's Single so hit on him.

I hate you all - 10-13-99

So, I guess now we aren't playing at the Empire?! Plus, I do have smelly shit?! Bailey says the split CD with Scribble will be happening soon, but then again, it's Bailey that says this. (Ooooh) Saturday, October 16, we are playing at some guy's party in Chula Vista. That is all I know. October 30th we are supposed to play at Hilltop Park with American Tragedy and Drats, but if not, it will just be a big party (with the bands still playing) at Jeff's house or mine. Now we practice in Anna's garage. This is how it makes me feel.


So I was wrong in that little sentence saying it would be other local bands. Lap Dance Records is based in Las Vegas. Here are other bands that will be on it: GOOD RIDDANCE, FURY 66, BERZERK, F.Y.P, THE CRIMINALS, and AAA. Here is link to their webpage - Lap Dance Records


As in Lap Dance records, that is, who will be putting out the compilation album we will be featured on. The song will be one of our lastest and greatest titled: One Of Them (with apologies to Cory) It will hopefully be out in late summer. Also, if anyone cares, there are songs now up from the new recording as well as some others. Plus, me and Jeff have bios. Whoopadeedoo.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, so the Op Ivy thing didn't happen...SO SUE ME. As far as I knew, it was to be arranged with the park. But, it wasn't, and Adam clued me in to the fact that cops can take equipment without warning if the city owns the property. Besides, SOMEONEdidn't bother really learning the songs, but I won't mention names. Anyway, BIGGER NEWS!! We are going to be recording in about a week. We probably will put out another, much better, tape with it. Whether or not we will do a split CD with Scribble that we've been talking about is unknown. But, the main reason for it is... We've been asked to be on a compilation album for.... um... let's see.. .. I forgot the record company's name, but it'll be up as soon as I am reminded of it. Anyway, it will be us and a bunch of other local bands. WheeeeeeHaaaahhh!!!


Next friday, May 28th, at Hilltop Park, we will celebrate the anniversary of the breakup of one of the most rockin bands ever, Op Ivy. We will play their entire last show, every song, start to finish, looking exactly like they did. If you don't know who they are, #1 hit your head 6 times with a hammer, and #2 go to The Operation Ivy Homepage to find out. Be there for a great time.

Bios!! - 5-18-99

I fucking did a fucking bunch of fucking lyrics shit. Also, Adam's and Bailey's bios are up. Adam's tells of his dream of becoming Pope before settling on guitar, and Bailey's is so sensitive it makes me want to cry with him at a promise-keeper's rally.

Here's what works - 5-17-99

So far, lyrics is all that is up. Next will be pictures ans bios. By the way, you can now get here by or

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