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VC Andrews



Andrews was one out of three children. In Portsmouth and Rochester virginia she spent her childhood. At the age of 15 she fell down stairs. Though she was operated on with surgery, it failed. Because of this, she was forced to remain in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
When she was twenty, she lost her father who was the world to her.After her father's death, the family moved to Manchester, Missouri. And she mysteriously never married. She regrettably died from cancer on December 19, 1986.

Her debut "The God of the Green Mountain"(1972) was written when she was living in Arizona,Unfortunately it did not sell, and was not published. She patiently went on writing and had saved 9 long pieces and 20 short stories. Then she finally published "Flowers in the Attic"(1979) seven years later from her first novel, she joined the best-sellers in a jump.Flowers in The Attic... based on a true story?

She published one after another "Petals on the Wind", "If There Be Thorns","Seeds of Yesterday","Garden of Shadows"(those are called Dollanganger series), "My Sweet Audrina", and "Heaven", "Dark Angel" of Casteel series,



In her later years, she made an 'idea notebook' filled with her new ideas or concepts of new series. After she died, her family carefully selected a ghostwriter to complete her ideas as excellent novels, and those amazingly sell millions.

The name of V.C.Andrews V.C. Andrews used the initials V.C. because in the late 1970's people in general would not take a womans work as seriously as a mans. Because of this wise decision that (should never had to have taken place) she sold millions! She must have been confident that she could beat other male writers. And thats exactly what she did! Virginia


Influence of her mother Andrews talks about her mother that her mother had a great influence on her and her writing. When Andrews came to be disabled in walking, her mother hided her from outer world as much as she could. Her mother would not accept Answer's accident as a fate. Her mother told to Andrews that she could not be a writer, and made Andrews feel her defect more than necessary. That is why Andrews is called 'closet writer'.

Though her mother did not understand Andrews at all, she had various talents originally. She had overcome the relationship with her mother. Andrews liked reading and she was told that she completely finished reading the Classics by twelve.She was also good at drawing, and had succeeded as a commercial artist and a fashion illustrator. And then she became a writer, and also had a great success. When she made up becoming a writer, she started to learn psychology.



She told that "I had a joyful childhood, and the works are never my autobiography at all."

It has passed more than ten years since Andwers died and her works still are impressed in the hearts and minds of her readers.

These are based on commentaries of translators Ms. Akiko Okumura, Ms. Haruko Nakagawa, Ms. Kawauchi Kazuko, Ms. Mizuho Ozawa, Ms. Migiwa Nakatsuka in each V.C. books of Japanese translations by Fusosha.

(Playing The Impossible Dream...)