biblegum.com--Gum that has verses from King James is great for sunday school!! Check it out!!

Babysue.com--"Most politically incorrect site ever, and funny too!"

Official Vampire's Tavern

TOOL (((flood)))

A Warm Place (extensive NIN page with everything)

Nine Inch Nails.net--Great site with tons of logos

Faeryqueen's Homepage--My favorite Fantasy related site . . so far

Gothic Queen's Site--Official site offering Gothic Queen metaphysical perfume oils for Goths, Vampires, and Pagans. ~Tantalizingley Sinister~

Cocaine Kiss--Site dedicated to Just Mare by Ronald Rand. Dark poetry and such. A must see site!!

Avatar Search Engine--Gothic Search Engine

Audiofind.com-- TheBest mp3 site on the web

Playdude.com--Another good mp3 site

2look4.com--Another good mp3 site

Hottopic.com--kick ass clothing site for everyone.

A Brief History of Time--Information about the Universe by Stephen W. Hawking

My favorite Smashing Pumpkins site

Official Brian Lumley site

http://members.xoom. com/Creed1/music/music.htm --This is a really great personal site with my favorite bands and there is also Type O Negitive (which I may add someday) and KMFDM. It's worth a look and has bios and sound samples.

Jimmy's Music Page--cool site with cool lyrics to cool bands