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Smashing Pumpkins




 Fonts N' Stuff

 Song Secrets some of them are really stupid,

but some of them are really interesting.


  Maynard's New Project: A Perfect Circle


  Pictures This is a link to a semiofficial TOOL site: T. D. N. from that site you can find better pics than I have available right now.


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Nine Inch Nails




 Nine Inch Nails Fonts

  Really pretty pic!!

Short Stories

  Letters From the Earth by Mark Twain--The tale of Satan's view of the world once he is kicked out of heaven. He observes the human behavior and makes fun of Christianity. Very controversial and humorous.

  Blood Money by D. T. Kelly--If the title isn't self-explanitory enough, this story deals with a contest and the reward is, of course, blood money.

  The Lottery by Shirley Jackson --This is a wonderful scary story that is considered a classic only because of the wonderful emotions that you feel at the end of this twisted little masterpiece.

  Dooley's Future Garry J. Nurrish --Like stories about time travel? Well in this story, time travel acually saves someones life, and it's a great mafia story too.

  Mon Nosferatu by Vamp Chastity Herself!!--The tale of a sad situation. It's a short story, but it's more about emotions than events. That is why it is left vague. Please read and e-mail me :)


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