Nine Inch Nails Discography

Halo 1 - Down In it (single)released in 1989 on tvt records down in it is the first single from nine inch nails. halo one is a prelude to the full length debut album; pretty hate machine. halo one includes three remixes of the song down in it.
Running Time ~ 17:55

Halo 2 - Pretty Hate Machine trent reznor's first full-length album. this halo includes ten tracks produced by reznor, flood, john fryer, keith leblanc, and adrian sherwood. pretty hate machine album is the most subdued of reznor's work but also one of the best. also released by tvt in 1989.
Running Time ~ 48:47

Halo 3 - Head Like A Hole (single)various mixes of head like a hole, terrible lie and the three remixes of down in it from the first single. Also includes the instrumental mix you know who you are. this is the second single of 1989 to be released.
Running Time ~ 56:47

Halo 4 - Sin (single)this halo includes three remixes of sin and also contains reznor's first cover, a remake of queen's get down make love. this was the third and last single released in 1989.
Running Time ~ 19:30

 Halo 5 - Broken skip three years to 1992. reznor finally releases his next album after a contract dispute with TVT, an ep called broken. a harsh and violent album, that disappointed some fans of pretty hate machine, however it ended up winning a grammy for reznor. the album contains two bonus songs. early versions contained the bonus songs on a 3" disc that had the physical track (an adam ant remake) and suck track. later versions included the extras as track numbers 98 and 99 or 7 and 8.
Running Time ~ 33:07

 Halo 6 - Fixed the sixth halo from nin contains six remixes of the songs from the ep, broken. currently fixed can only be found as an import in the u.s. these remixes and not singles and take the songs on broken to a new level.
Running Time ~ 40:20

 Halo 7 - March Of The Pigs (single) the first single from nine inch nails' first full length release in nearly 5 years, the downward spiral. march of the pigs contains some instrumental works as well as extended versions of march of the pigs and reptile.
Running Time ~ 27:19

 Halo 8 - The Downward Spiral in 1994 nine inch nails released the second full-length album. halo eight contains a theme that continues through all fourteen tracks. the tracks represent a person on the downward spiral of his life, throwing it away, and eventually ends with the sucide of the person. tds is most likely the most popular of all the nin halos. it mixes the hate of broken with the sound of pretty hate machine.
Running Time ~ 65:08

 Halo 9 - Closer To God (single) halo nine is composed mostly of closer remixes. there is one remix of heresy, one of march of the pigs, and a cover song called memorabilia. closer to god (as the single is titled) is the best version of closer on the album.
Running Time ~ 52:42

 Halo 10 - Further Down The Spiral -further down the spiral is an album full of tds remixes, and compares to fixed.
Running Time ~ 63:59

 Halo 11 - The Perfect Drug versions this single features 5 remixes of the prefect drug. Remixes are done by Meat Beat Manisfesto, Plug, NIN, Spacetime Continuum, & The Orb. The remixed versions are much more "trance" and "jungle" oriented.
Running Time ~ 34:32

 Halo 12 - Closure (2 videotape set)

The two-cassette box set collection features one video of live material from the group's 1995 tour and a second tape with all of their videos, uncut and unedited into a seemless stream by filmmaker Peter Christopherson.

The first tape features live performances and behind-the-scenes footage from the "Self Destruct" tour. The songs featured on the tape are "Wish", "Hurt", "March of the Pigs", "Terrible Lie", "Piggy", "Down In It", "Sanctified", "A Warm Place", and "Something I Can Never Have".

The second tape contains unedited, director's cut versions of all the band's videos compiled by Christoperson, a member of the band Coil, who directed NIN's "Wish" video as well as the previously unreleased clip for "Gave Up" (not the same version as on the Broken movie).

The continuous stream treatment compiles clips for "Head Like A Hole", "Down In It", "Pinion", "Wish", "The Perfect Drug", "Closer", "March of the Pigs", and never-before-seen-in-the-US live footage of "Hurt" and "Wish".

Other rare or unreleased videos on the collection include: "Happiness in Slavery", "Eraser (live)", "Sin", "Gave Up", and "Help Me I Am In Hell".
Running Time ~

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