Praying to no one

in particular that I could

crossover, just enough

to witness, but have

no physical existence.

Not death.

To become my shadow

To witness

To see

To discover

not to be


where trendy teeny-boppers

rule the land,

leaving it to us

drug-induced philosophers

to question the existence

of a higher entity.

No way.

All I need to exist is...

To witness

To see

To discover

not to be


among the tyrants

of your mental spires.


nonexistant in your

serpentine and shollow heart

draining others of their essence.

You have no right, but

To witness

To see

To discover

not to be


suffering a

meaningless and a

taunting (well)

nothing, in the belly

of the beast, wishing

you were a victim of you


If only I were you.



The villages throughout the world like cancer, spreading disease and infection 'till it becomes the tumor that every large city is. Swelling to the bursting point. Christ is about to come. The end is nigh. Death to the grand nations that are united in hate, starvation and filth. Devoid completely of soul and spirit worshipping a nonexistent entity that has raked our lives of liberty, leaving only a will of heresy towards the ones we call holy. When the apocalypse comes and goes again, once the sounds of the trumpets fade, all that will exist are the raging seas filled with the charred blood of the loyal citizens. To the gods: drink the tainted water. Drink our red souls down into your evil essence. All I bid is farewell.


We are selfish to want those who have passed on.

So full of want and greed.

Let them go. Wait again for your fates to bond.

Whether in Heaven or Hell hear the decree:

Accept the change; don't dwell on the past.

We walk through life scouring for happiness.

Finding it usually in whom our love is cast.

Still, what overrides the good is sadness.

While others contemplate death, they'll be depressed.

So look for, find, and cherish your love.

By overcoming grief, peers shall be impressed.

To the rest, Will you sour above?

When your lover is caught by the crow,

You'll discover, to love is to let go.