The Smashing Pumpkins Discography


Caroline/Virgin LP/CD/CS
(I Am One/Siva/Rhinoceros/Bury Me/Crush/Suffer/Snail/Tristessa/Window Paine/Daydream)
Hut CD (1993) Gish-remastered version

Siamese Dream(1993)
Virgin LP/CD/CS/red or black gatefold vinyl 12" (Cherub Rock/Quiet/Today/Hummer/Rocket/Disarm/Soma/Geek USA/Mayonaise/Spaceboy/Silverfuck/Sweet Sweet/Luna)

Pisces Iscariot(1994)
Virgin LP/CD/CS-each format has different cover art
(Soothe/Frail and Bedazzled/Plume/Whir/Blew Away/Pissant/Hello Kitty Kat/Obscured/Landslide/Starla/Blue/Girl Named Sandoz/La Dolly Vita/Spaced)

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness(1995)
Virgin CD/CS
(Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness/Tonight Tonight/Jellybelly/Zero/Here Is No Why/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/To Forgive/Fuck You (An Ode to No One)/Love/Cupid de Locke/Galapogos/Muzzle/Porcelina of the Vast Oceans/Take Me Down/Where Boys Fear to Tread/Bodies/Thiry-three/In the Arms of Sleep/1979/Tales of a Scorched Earth/Thru the Eyes of Ruby/Stumbleine/X.Y.U./We Only Come Out at Night/Beautiful/Lily (My One and Only)/By Starlight/Farewell and Goodnight)
Virgin U.K. Gatefold vinyl 12"-3 LPs includes resequenced running order and two additional songs (Tonite Reprise/Infinite Sadness)

The Aeroplane Flies High (1996)
Virgin CD singles box set Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Bullet With Butterfly Wings/...Said Sadly/You're All I've Got Tonight/Clones/A Night Like This/Destination Unknown/Dreaming)
1979 (1979/Ugly/The Boy/Cherry/Believe/Set the Ray to Jerry)
Zero (Zero/God/Mouths of Babes/Tribute to Johnny/Marquis In Spades/Pennies/Pastichio Medley)
Tonight Tonight (Tonight Tonight/Melasori Magpie/Rotten Apples/Jupiter's Lament/Medellia of the Gray Skies/Blank/Tonite Reprise)
Thirty-three (Thirty-three/The Last Song/The Aeroplane Flies High/Transformer/The Bells/My Blue Heaven)

Adore (1998)
Virgin CD/CS
(To Sheila/Ava Adore/Perfect/Daphne Descends/Once Upon A Time/Tear/Crestfallen/Appels + Oranjes/Pug/The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete/Annie-Dog/Shame/Behold! The Night Mare/For Martha/Blank Page)

Machina (2000)
Virgin CD/CS
(The Everlasting Gaze/ Raindrops + Sunshowers/ Stand Inside Your Love/ I of the Mourning/ The Sacred and Profane/ Try, Try, Try/ Heavy Metal Machine/ This Time/ The Imploding Voice/ Glass and the Ghost Children/ Wound/ The Crying Tree of Mercury/ With Every Light/ Blue Skies Bring Tears/ Age of Innocence)


I Am One (1989-original version)
limited potential 7" (I Am One/Not Worth Asking)

I Am One (1992)
Hut CD/12" U.K. (I Am One/Plume/Starla)

Tristessa (1990-original version)
Sub Pop 7" black or pink vinyl (Tristessa/La Dolly Vita)

Siva (1991)
Hut 12" U.K. (Siva/Window Paine)

Peel Sessions (1992)
Hut CD/12" U.K. (Siva/Girl Named Sandoz/Smiley)

Lull (1992)
Caroline CD/12" (Rhinoceros/Blue/Slunk/Bye June)

Cherub Rock (1993)
Hut CD/12" U.K. (Cherub rock/Pissant/French Movie Theme)
Hut 7" clear vinyl/U.K. (Cherub Rock/Purr Snickety)

Today (1993)
Hut CD/12" U.K. (Today/Hello Kitty Kat/Obscured)
Hut 7" red vinyl'U.K. (Today/Apathy's Last Kiss)
Vigin CD Japan (Today/Hello Kitty Kat/Obscured/French Movie Theme/Apathy's Last Kiss)

Disarm (1993)
Hut CD/12" U.K. smile version (Disarm/Soothe/Blew Away)
Hut CD U.K. heart version (Disarm/Landslide/Dancing in the Moonlight)
Hut 7" purple vinyl/U.K. (Disarm/Siamese Dream)

Rocket (1994)
Hut 7" peach vinyl/U.K. (Rocket/Never Let Me Down)
Virgin Australia CD (Rocket/Never Let Me Down)

Siamese Singles (1994) box set-limited edition
Includes all four singles 7"U.K. singles:
(Cherub Rock/Purr Snickety)
(Today/Apathy's Last Kiss)
(Disarm/Siamese Dream)
(Rocket/Never Let Me Down)

1979 Remixes (1996)
Vigin CD U.K. (vocal mix/instrumental mix/moby mix/cement mix)
Virgin 12" (vocal mix/instrumental mix/moby mix/cement mix)

Ava Adore (1998)
Virgin CD/CS
(Ava Adore/Czarina/Once In A While)

Perfect (1998)
Virgin CD/CS
(Perfect/Summer/Daphne Descends (Kerry Brown Mix))


  • Compilations and Soundtrack Appearances

Light Into Dark (1988)
Halo Records LP/Chicago music compilation #1
(My Dahlia/Sun)

20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions! (1991)
Pravda CD/LP only (Jackie Blue)

Reflex Magazine Flexi-disc (1992)

Singles soundtrack (1992)
Epic Records CD/LP/CS (Drown)

No Alternative (1993)
Arista CD (Glynis)

No Alternative video (1994)
Polygram Video (Today-live/Glynis-live)

Vieuphoria (1994)
Virgin Video
(Sinfony/Quiet-live/Disarm-electric/Cherub Rock-acoustic/Today-live/Bugg Superstar/I Am One/Pulseczar/Soma-live/Slunk-live/French Movie Theme/Geek USA-live/Mayonaise-acoustic/Silvercrank-live/Why Am I So Tired?)

NME Magazine Tape Release (1994)

23 Minutes (1994)
Virgin (Sive/Rhinoceros/Cherub rock/Today/Disarm)
Limited edition video packaged with Siamese Dream

No Toys for O.J. (1995)
Kroq acoustic Christmas release
Cassette only (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer-live)

Launch CD Rom Magazine (1995)

Sweet Relief II (1996)
Cloumbia CD/CS (Sad Peter Pan)

ONXRT-Live from the Archives volume 3 (1996)
93xrt CD only (Rocket-acoustic live)

Ransom soundtrack (1996)
Billy did some work on some songs

Lost Highway soundtrack (1997)
Nothing CD (Eye)

Batman and Robin soundtrack (1997)
Warner Sunset Records (The End is the Beginning is the End/The Beginning is the End is the Beginning)

A Very Special Christmas 3
AM Records CD/CS (Christmastime)

Depeche Mode Tribute Album
(Never Let Me Down)

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