Smashing Pumpkins Pics



Here's a collage that my wonderful bf made for me.

It's really well done and big so it takes a while to load.

Black and white

Behind tree

Black and white from the cover of rolling stone

Sitting on a log, Siamese Dream years

Black and white with James holding a magic lamp

The 'Pumpkins lying on a bed

Band photo that looks like a filmstrip

Pic of the band looking straight at you



Playing piano at his house in Chicago

Lying in bed with a guitar

Holding a doll

A complimenting yet aged close up

From BWBW singing with hands in front of face

The first from the Adore booklet

The second from the Adore booklet

When he was just a tyke

From BWBW pointing



On the catwalk

From the BWBW video

In a dress from the Today video (of course)

Holding flowers

Close-up from BWBW



From tonight, tonight

Holding a ton of flowers

With Shirley Manson

With sparkling eye-shadow

As herself; close-up