Smashing Pumpkins Song Secrets


1979 (CD version)

-2:07 you may hear what sounds like a helicopter. a DJ says the echoing is a burp

that is reversed and then screwed around with.

-The infamous drum beat at the beginning and the end.

-Also, at 1:03, you may hear a jingle of a bell or something.

-At 4:08 there's some beeping or something

-There is a "whistling" noise in the background at 2:55-2:58 (left channel). -Benoit The

Sad Wizard.


1979 (Grammies '97)

At the very end of the song when the crowd is cheering you can hear Billy play the

intro for Today.



- A -


An Ode to No One

If you play the "and coil my tongue around a bumblebee mouth" backwards, it sounds

like: "I am evil". -Jeff Khan.


-You can hear chimes 0:03 and 0:22, also 1:21-1:23 there is a wowowo sound.

-The guitars squeak before they stop at 2:19-2:21. 3:01.

-There is a crack in the background and another one at 3:18, 3:30-3:31.

-There is an errie echo in the background at 4:04, 4:06, and 4:08.

- In the left channel there is another click at 4:42.


Apathy's Last Kiss

At the end of the song, there is an "ooo eee ooo eee ooo eee" noise. could be some

weird distorted guitar effect? -Chris Taylor.



- B -



very soft beeping noise at 2:18... and throughout song.



Not really a secret sound, but if you listen carefully you'll notice that in the second

verse, "wonderful, it's wonderful, to know that you're just like I", at the "just like I" on

'like' it goes too low for Billy, and he just speaks the word. However, D'arcy (who

sings backup) is singing higher, and has no problem with the note. -Nellie Rash.


You hear this best with headphones, but through out the entire song, theres a

'beatbox' that goes along with the drum beat, you know a 'beatbox' is when rappers

make drum sounds with their mouths, like The Fat Boys did. So ya, i would guess

Billy sampled some guy doing a 'beatbox' to the drum beat and and looped it for the

entire song. It's there, when you hear it once, every time you hear the song after that,

your ears will automatically focus on that sound. -Edwin Maldonado.



Before song, it sounds like Billy is setting up, opening a water bottle.



during the second "love is suicide" verse, Billy mutters in the background: (list

courtesy of Mark Gillies)


"destroy, despise, distrust, disobey, distrust, disarm, destroy, dispise,

dissect, deny, destroy, despise, distrust"


Bullet with Butterfly Wings

If you play the "rat in a cage" part backwards, it sounds like: "here are my abs!"


Bury Me

Song opens with James saying something of continuous debate. Most popular ideas

being "Boys, let's do it" and "Poised like an angel". Other ideas that have been sent

to me are: "Boys, let me lead you", and "Boys, let's get in tune". My Personal belief

is "Poised like an angel".


By Starlight

It sounds like running water in the background, most notable 0:26-30, and 0:35-1:11.

These effects are caused by the flanger and reverb effects that Billy used on this

song -Kelly



- C -



At beginning, you can obviously hear some studio talk:

BC: "listen, just wanna start it?"

JC: "Ready Flood?"

F: "Yeah."

BC: "1, 2, 3, 4." (and then the song starts)


Cupid De Locke

The shaking sound used for the drum part is actually an aspirin bottle.


At 0:52-1:04, and 1:37-1:49 there is a weird chime in the right channel. At 2:30-2:34

there is talking in the background.



- D -



At 1:10 you can hear a click from the cello player's bow hitting the wood of his cello.

Also, at 1:20-21, you can hear jingly noises, probably someone's bracelet.


Destination Unknown

At about 3:16 you can here something like "I love my sister" coming from the right




-If you play "send this smile..." backwards it clearly says "send this"

-At very end, you can hear opera singers (turn it up very loud).



- E -



Somewhere in the middle of eye played backwards it sounds like James James.. why

did you go



- F -




- G -



Billy mutters the following in the background, from 3:16-27:

"Sorry I had to put you through this sh*t, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry,

wishes." -Listessa


Geek U.S.A.

During the first drum part, you can hear a man talking (turn it up).



At very beginning, there is a robot-like "hello", which comes from a Red Red Meat




-Played backwards, it says: "love is lost to you make it feel if we want to lost never

try behind the scene ooh, i win your..." (never finishes)

-If you play the chorus backwards, you hear "I am helpless, I want to die."

-You can hear D'arcy say something, sounds like "help".

-You can hear guitar effects at 2:08, 2:09-2:10, 2:13, 2:15, 2:19-2:20. -Benoit The

Sad Wizard.



- H -


Hello Kitty Kat

At very end, Billy says:

"Song's over."


-From 3:29 to 3:50, you can hear a kind of "sucking-wind" noise in the back. -Benoit

The Sad Wizard.

-A siren in the background in the middle of a silent part and a heavy part. -Vince



Here is No Why

At 0:56 there is some clicking or cracking.


Honey Spider I

On some versions, you can hear Billy say at the very end: "aha, that's everything,




-At the very end, you can hear a few notes of classical music.

-In the quiet part of "Hummer" (the outro)...when he's saying "Ask yourself a

question.." and so forth....if you play it backwards, it sounds like "You have no

meaning"...and something after that, but I can't make out what he's saying. -Chris




- I -


I'm Going Crazy (after Daydream)

If you play the entire song of "I'm Going Crazy" backwards...he keeps saying

something like "He is here...He is white" (not sure about the "He is white part"

though) -Chris Gormer


In the Arms of Sleep

There is a "woo woo" noise at 2:06, 2:12-14, and at 2:30-40, where it sounds like

someone sobbing. Also of course the weird breathing at the beginning.



- J -




- K -




- L -


La Dolly Vita

You may hear: an "ooh" at 3:33, and a "cuckoo" at 3:44



-Note that sounds like a "synth horn" at 2:34.5

-At 1:53, real softly, billy goes "yeah" or something to that effect. -Lia



- M -


Marquis in Spades

In the beginning you can hear some studio talk:

Mole: "Rolling."

JC: "I was just on another planet for a sec."

BC: "Run it back Mole. (amp on) ... Fucker."


-At about 2:44 (where Billy sings "let's see where we can go..") he growls right before

the "go". -Julia W.

-Guitar effect at 1:42 (right channel).

-At 3:13 there is a "click" sound.

-At the very end of the song (3:16), there is a "zap" sound. -last 3 by Benoit The Sad



Mayonaise -StarlaDear

I remember watching the MTV VMA in 1996, and they did a small 1 minute clip of an

old interview they had with Billy Corgan- they asked him what made that strange

"wheezing" noise in the song, Billy said that the guitar he used in recording that song

was a piece of junk, whenever, he would stop playing for a second, the guitar would

make a loud noise, so when they played Mayonaise and he had to stop strumming

for a second, it would make that loud noise, so eventually that noise got incorporated

into the song!


Medillia of the Gray Skies

You can hear a high-pitched noise at 0:16 (right channel). -Benoit The Sad Wizard.


Meladori Magpie

At 0:02, you can hear the slide object touch the strings of the guitar



During the verse 'for thinking that i'd last forever', right when Billy sings the word 'last'

you can hear D'arcy sing 'die' in the background, also on the last line, when 'and i

knew the silence of the world' is sung, you can hear a really high pitched voice sing

the 'and i knew' part along with Billy. (Edwin Maldonado) Also at the beginning, Billy

takes a big breath.


My Blue Heaven

-At 0:17 in the right channel, you can hear a slide sound (probably the cello).

-At 3:16 there is a noise in the background. -Benoit The Sad Wizard.



- N -




- O -



At 0:11, Billy says "yeah" or "ooh".



- P -


Pastachio Medley

At 13:44-13:45, in the left channel, you can hear Billy who says "Yeah" and he also

sings at 13:47 (I think the song at that time is Porkbelly). -Benoit The Sad Wizard.



At the very end, Billy yells "whooo!".


Porcelina of the Vast Oceans

-At 0:09 there is a click.

-At these times: 4:37, 39, 41, 42, 44, 46, 54, 58, and 59, sounds like a weird raygun


-Also at the beginning, the intro, from about 0:32-2:12, it sounds like steam being

released from a tea kettle.



At the end, Billy whispers "I know what you mean"



- Q -



-At about 2:40 in quiet you can hear Billy mumbling in the background. It sounds like

he says "Word Up".

-At the very end, you can hear "cartoon noises" played sorta fast and warbly.



- R -



When you play "i shall be free" backwards it sounds like "hail mutilation"



- S -


Set the Ray to Jerry

-At 2:36, you can hear what some are calling a "horn, or duck noise".

-There is a kind of bip noise at 0:35. There is muttering at 1:01-1:03 (left channel).

-Benoit The Sad Wizard.


Siamese Dream (the song)

At the beginning:

Jimmy: "Flush the toilet?"

Producer (Butch Vig?): "No, it's done by now. Go ahead."

(song starts)



At very end, Billy says "Alright, this take, don't give a fuck" and plays a few notes.


Siva (Peel Sessions)

At 4:09, D'arcy says "Wait, I just stepped on my ?" then Billy counts to four for the

loud re-entry.



Lyrics clarification: this is old but its a response to something some guy had on his

site saying it was hung me, but it really is hungry. If you stick your ear right next to

the speaker you can hear the faintest trace of his tongue reverberating off the r.


Also you can hear "the 7 am buses slithering by" from the liner notes at 2:18-21.



You can hear crickets at the beginning, and the weird TV voice at the end that says:

"And you need to resist the devil, so that he will flee."



There's an odd conversation at the end of Spaceboy... On some CDs, it appears at

the beginning of Silverfuck,

although the Siamese Dream tab book makes it clear that it belongs at the end of



"Now it's, uh, kind of strange, and, uh, kinda hard for me to talk about, but I

thought maybe you could

help- um, when we start getting physical, rather than having intercourse, he ends

up just masturbating

himself, and I end up feeling very alienated and unsatisfied, and it's really come

between us"


Well, that's a rather candid monologue... [!] This seems to be from some talk show or

something- in the tab

book, Billy said it was from an anonymous source, and that he couldn't say where it

was from, for fear of being

sued. I hear from Wendy, that this dialogue came from HBO's Real Sex program.



At 1:44.5, in the background, you can hear James cough (turn it up).



5:27-5:30 "listen for the police car go by" as mentioned in the liner notes.


Stars Falling

At the end of the song, Billy says "Okay". -Chris "Chill" Hill.



At 0:03 Billy licks his lips or something.


I believe that at the end of Stumbeline, if you turn it up very loud and put your ear up

to the speaker, you can hear people moving insterments, and Billy begin to say

something, but then it skips to the next track.



- T -


Tales of a Scorched Earth

-At 0:17 there is an "uh"

-At 3:36, the "Dragon Noise" is actually another sound effect from DooM, the effect

when the player is hurt. -Bruce McDiarmid

-The "missing lyrics" are: "'cause everyone's lost just waiting to be found, everyone's

a thought just waiting to fade."


The Aeroplane Flies High -George Klosko.

First spoken part:

-I really don't wanna look stupid when I'm sleeping. I never really liked sunny days.

The black wings just reach out to me over a distance... and i can feel the wind from

the wings... I see the clouds, i feel the ocean with my feet, and I'm home again. It

requires an ability to judge distance. The aeroplane flies high, turns left, looks right.


Second spoken part:

-If i knew where I was going, I would already be there (laugh). I wish I had more time---

judicious, beautiful, augmented, whatever. I've always been afraid to die, but I think

now I'm more afraid to live.



-And in my heart i know you're there. And in my heart i know you're here. And in my

heart i know you're gone.


-During some chorus, you can hear a very loud noise in the background: 2:31-2:36

and 4:14-4:17.

-During the "I've always been afraid to die..." you can hear strange voices in the


-There is a little bip noise at 3:16 (be close)

-You can hear Billy talking in the background from 4:54 to 4:57 (be very close).

-At 7:32-7:35, there is a strange "ooooohhhhh!" sound.

-At 8:28-8:29 you can hear voices in the back. -i think last 6 from Benoit The Sad



The Boy

At 2:57-59 (pratically the end of the song), the producer (maybe even billy) is talking

in the background. Sounds like:

'person': "you really love her don't you? [something something] (starts laughing)" -Lia



That's not really a secret thing but throughout the whole song, the main melody is

oddly echoed in the background. -Benoit The Sad Wizard.


To Forgive

At 0:59 there is a wail in the background. The "stormy" ending to the song is due to a

broken amp.



-In Today there is a "sucking" sound coming from the left speaker at 2:39. -Jake


-If you listen very closely, you can hear the sound start in the right speaker at about

2:37, and gradually grow a bit louder and fade to the left speaker. -Will Shaw


Tonight, Tonight

If you listen to the song backwards, this is what you may hear:


ask master vegsley (all i could get) what am i my little aeromaid oh i been

dreaming sleepily slash the rope that ties yes we win the battle be home if we

sell against been believe in me it'll be yes who are you now are you i aint

much dare to survive me aeromaid ahhh yeah i just need it was eeee (and on)

ahh yeah i was... honey i still love you while you sit ill be there now you

believe me too much i love you never lie to (your) baby that ill be this never

said all the world believe believe in me (run together) it'll be will you marry me

says not if i eat fashion arms'll be with me i'll just be yeah it was i deny this i

deservei just necessary (sounds like necessie) guards the men that i just

wanna believe you forget (?) yeah when i i want all of my i want you for all my

life it just wont save me your decision wont defy i just wont defy cause i

believe in me believe in me i dont want this stand behind this i lose it hurts



At 0:07, 0:13, and 0:19, there is a very noticeable click from the drums.



-You can hear guitar slides effects at 0:14-0:15, 1:35-1:36, 2:40-2:41, 2:56-2:57.

-At 1:42-43 in the left channel, it sounds like "baby" sounds. -both by Benoit The Sad




- U -




- V -




- W -


We Only Come Out at Night

There is a high-pitched noise in the background throughout the whole song.


Where Boys Fear to Tread

-You can hear an explosion from the computer game DooM mentioned in the liner

notes at 1:20, 1:55, 2:29, 3:01, 3:44

-1:58, 2:03, 2:07, 3:06, 3:10, 3:14 there is some backup vocals by either James or

D'arcy?? At 3:03 Billy groans. At 3:15 Billy says "uh". At 4:17 there is a very loud

high-pitched noise in the right channel that probably makes your ears hurt!


Window Paine

In the acapella part of "WindowPaine"...when he's saying "Do what you gotta do",

and all that....played backwards, he says "God is not safe", and some other stuff that

I'm not sure girlfriend and I thought he was saying "I wish I was pissing in a

shower"...but that isn't it =) -Chris Gormer



- X -



-There is a siren that sounds like it's at 6:50 till the end. -Keith Jarrel

-Another sound effect from DooM is the prolonged roar of a demon which can be

heard on X.Y.U from 4:46-50. -Bruce McDiarmid



- Y -




- Z -



Played backwards, says:


I always knew(lose) if ever all my life shed the burners (something "burn".not

quite sure) it would not save me god says this not send me life send me life

send me love send me love or descend me high descend me high descend me

low descend me low


-At some parts it sounds like "she is god."

-During the "emptiness..." part, when the instruments pause, you can hear them ring.

there is a "rocket" sound from 2:26 to 2:28 (right channel). -Benoit The Sad Wizard.