~Season Four~

OAD 09/26/99
Jimmy and Bobby defend a friend of Jimmy's -- a dentist accused of murdering a patient in his office, who was found with her mouth full of grape jellly. The attorneys discover that Dr. Henry Olson has a bug-crushing fetish. George Vogelman seeks Ellenor's help when his condominium association evicts him for moral terpitude. Ellenor resists George's advances when she feels their relationship is becoming too personal.

OAD 10/03/99
Lindsay decides to move in with Bobby, forcing Helen to find a new roommate. Ellenor happens to be looking for a new place to live. Bobby gets a wife-killer off on a technicality, then stumbles upon a secret liaison between the murderer and the arresting officer. Against the advice of his colleagues and an irate Judge Kittleson, Jimmy tries to right the wrong of the dentist serving time for the murder his son committed, ending in the boy's suicide.

OAD 10/10/99
The entire firm is gripped with fear when Lindsay's assailant terrorizes their office. Rebecca defends a young man who was paid to plead guilty to a crime he did not committ, and she earns the respect of Judge Swackheim along the way. Jimmy receives a surprise visit from Judge Kittleson, who bares more than just her feelings when an entourage of police officers find her in Jimmy's apartment. Ellenor decides to move in with Helen. The two find themselves face to face with the nun-suit-clad George Vogelman, who is more deranged than anyone imagined. Helen does him in with a gunshot to the back.

404. "LEGACY"
OAD 10/17/99
Bobby's mentor and legendary attorney Raymond Oz returns seeking Bobby's legal help when his wife Joanne tries to declare him incompetent. Oz maintains that Joanne is trying to control his assests even though she cheated on him with someone else. Bobby realizes the extent of Oz's tragic mental state when he finds the old man naked in the bathroom. Things get even more complicated when Oz kills his wife and insists on serving as his own counsel. Eugene begrudgingly assists Harland Bassett, a sorry excuse for a lawyer who has never won a case. Ellenor sinks into a depression in the aftermath of the Vogelman incident.

405. "OZ"
OAD 10/24/99
Defending himself against murder charges, Raymond Oz manages to keep his dementia at bay long enough to mount a solid defense. He astounds the jury and the filled courtroom with his amazing lawyering. Helen, determined to crack the defendant under cross, leads him into a fit of rage. Bobby asks Judge Kittleson to recuse herself, which infuriates Jimmy. Bobby lashes out angrily at Oz, who wants only to preserve his reputation at all costs. When the jury finds him not guilty, Oz basks in the spotlight of his glory while Bobby worries about his mentor's decaying mental state.

OAD 11/07/99
Rebecca and Eugene defend a girl who murdered her mother. They allege that she suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which triggered painful flashbacks of her father's sexual abuse. Bobby and Lindsay quarrel when Bobby insists Lindsay wear his mother's wedding dress. Their argument brings deeper issues to the surface about their relationship.

OAD 11/14/99
The court appoints Jimmy to represent an angry young woman who killed her rapist out of revenge. Although Darlene is antagonisic and shows no remorse for what she did, Jimmy grows to like his client. He must learn to use her anger as part of their defense. Lucy is shocked and angry when she realizes her dentist bit her breast while she was under anaesthetic. The entire firm is outraged when the dentist turns out to be Bobby's cousin, and Bobby agrees to represent him at the hearing.

OAD 11/21/99
Lindsay must face her fears about whether a criminal can be truly reformed when she is appointed to represent serial killer Walter Aarons. Aarons is petitioning for release from a psychiatric hospital in which he has been incarcerated for twenty years. Although he murdered five young girls, Aarons is apparently no longer schizophrenic due to medication. But questions arise: is he really cured? A dead man is found in the bed of Eugene's ex-wife Sharon. Eugene must question his son's inncence when Kendall becomes a prime suspect in the murder.

409. "BAY OF PIGS"
OAD 11/28/99
After representing a former flame who sells her eggs over the Internet, Jimmy wants to rekindle their relationship. He has second thoughts, however, after breaking the news to Kittleson. Ellenor must cross-examine a man with a heart condition in the hospital after his wife hit him with a car. The acrimonious couple makes things even more interesting when Ellenor and the prosecuter, Richard Bay, don't get along. Bay accuses Ellenor of killing the man when he dies after cross-examination.

OAD 12/12/99
Bobby and Eugene represent drug dealer and longtime client, Eddie Wicks, against murder charges. Wicks, who stabbed the victim seven times, insists on pleading self-defense. Wicks tries to strangle Helen in open court. But the judge refuses to declare a mistrial, and he and Bobby almost come to blows. Helen makes an imbittered speech about the tragic state of the American judicial system; then she creates a scene in the courtroom when she insults and condemns the jury for their verdict. Helen and Bobby both wind up in jail for contempt.

OAD 01/09/00
Lindsay sues a cigar company for breaking up a marriage, and must face her own insecurities and fears about marrying Bobby. Rebecca defends an ex-boyfriend who shot and killed a young man in a store. She is stunned and disgusted when she realizes the man she thought she knew planned and intended to kill the boy all along.

412. "NEW EVIDENCE" (Part 1 of 2)
OAD 01/30/00
Lindsay travels to Los Angeles to defend an acquaintance accused of murdering a woman he met over the internet. Her gut instinct tells her the man is innocent, so Bobby, Ellenor, Jimmy and Lucy fly to California to help her. Dealing with not-so-friendly southern California natives, an uncooperative wife, and a stringent judge who hates out-of-staters, the lawyers prepare to launch an impressive defense for their client.

413. "HAMMERHEAD SHARKS" (Part 2 of 2)
OAD 02/06/00
Lindsay, Bobby, Ellenor and Jimmy struggle to create a viable defense strategy for Dennis Mills. Things look bleak until Lindsay makes a startling realization while questioning Mills' wife on the stand.

OAD 02/13/00
Helen tries to prosecute a detective's son for murder after she uses some unethical tactics to illicit a confession from the boy. Bobby and Eugene represent him and discover what Helen's been up to. Meanwhile, Ellenor clashes with Richard Bay again when she must represent a mentally incompetent client against murder charges.

OAD 02/20/00
Jimmy fights to overturn the conviction of his friend, dentist Henry Olson. (see episodes 401 and 402). He succeeds in doing so - but only after a questionable bargain with ADA Richard Bay. Meanwhile, Eugene and Rebecca represent a woman suing a cosmetic surgeon for negligence in the death of her husband during routine liposuction surgery. Rebecca takes it personally when the opposing counsel attacks she and Eugene's integrity as lawyers.

OAD 03/12/00
A former client takes Bobby hostage 12 years after his trial. He claims Bobby did not do enough to get him acquitted. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Helen inspect wedding invitations with the help of a not-so-friendly store owner. The firm struggles to find out what happened to Bobby and discovers he has been kidnapped. They rush to the scene, and a dramatic showdown ensues.

OAD 04/02/00
Bobby and Eugene defend a woman (guest star Victoria Principal) accused of murdering her husband by putting Viagra in his wine, causing him to have a heart attack during sexual intercourse. Helen uses questionable tactics and lies to a 15 year old girl to get a confession about murdering her unborn baby.

OAD 04/09/00
Bobby and Helen clash in and out of court over a mercy killing; Helen refuses to plead out. Bobby must deal with his insecurities and his belief that he "killed" his mother when he shut off her respirator. Meanwhile, Ellenor travels to Philadelphia to save a deathrow inmate from execution.

OAD 04/30/00
Ellenor, Eugene and Jimmy struggle to get a Pennsylvania court to allow a new DNA test that may keep Stuart Donovan from death row. Rebecca must represent an elderly couple fighting to stay married; things get complicated when it is revealed that the two were involved in a murder.

OAD 05/07/00
Ellenor makes a final attempt to save Stuart Donovan from execution when the victim's body is exumed to uncover key evidence. When DNA testing proves someone else was at the scene of the crime, Judge Wood has no choice but let Donovan go. Ellenor stuggles with her emotions throughout the process.

OAD 05/14/00
Eugene and Lindsay defend a man of raping a murdering a young woman. Jimmy represents an old friend for invading the privacy of a man infected with AIDS.

OAD 05/21/00
Ellenor represents a deaf woman (Marlee Matlin) who shot her child's killer in cold blood. Bobby and Lindsay finally tie the knot when Lindsay whisks the man off to Fenway Park for a surprise elopement.

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