~Season One~

101. "PREMIERE" (Pilot)
OAD 03/04/97
Bobby represents a young woman, Rachel Reynolds, who is charged with drug possession and intent to distribute. He takes a risky approach her defense when she refuses to accept a plea. Lindsay goes up against her former law professor Anderson Pearson when her client wants to sue a tobacco company for causing his wife's death. Eugene and Ellenor represent a man who repeatedly exposes himself in public.

102. "PART II"
OAD 03/11/97
Eugene takes it personally when the court refuses to issue a restraining order against a client's husband who constantly terrorizes his wife and son. With the firm in dire financial trouble, Bobby tries to save the practice by accepting a shady loan from an old friend named Jimmy Berluti. Ellenor looks for love in the personal ads.

OAD 03/18/97
Bobby prepares for a civil trial against Ronald Martin, a man who brutally killed his girlfriend. Bobby gets involved in Lindsay's tobacco case when he thinks her obstacles against Anderson Pearson are too much for her to handle. Jimmy loses his job at the bank when they find out about his shady loan to the firm; Bobby hires him as another attorney in the practice.

104. "PART IV"
OAD 03/25/97
Ronald Martin is set free. Father of the victim Gerald Braun shoots Martin and is imprisoned. Jimmy appears on national television with Gerald Braun's rabbi who makes a shocking confession. Lindsay prepares for her first jury trial against T.L. Michael's Tobacco Company. Her opening argument is so brilliant that Pearson offers her client a huge settlement.

105. "PART V"
OAD 04/01/97
Bobby continues to fight for Gerald Braun, and must go up against a formidable opponent in District Attorney Asher Silverman. Eugene goes to trial for a mugger with a track record, placing bets with the A.D.A and with Lindsay that he will win the case. Ellenor finally has a date with the podiatrist she met in the personals, George Vogelman. The acquisition of a new conference table means more to Lindsay than just a new piece of furniture.

106. "PART VI"
OAD 04/08/97
Gerald Braun's trial ends, with Bobby arguing that the crime was morally justified. Eugene represents a 19 year old boy accused of statutory rape against his 14 year old girlfriend. Lindsay has a client who was a bomber and wants to surrender after 26 years on the lam.

(SPECIAL NOTE: After this episode, the show left ABC for three months, returning as Saturday night reruns in August of 1997. The second season then premiered in September 1997.)

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