~Season Three~

OAD 09/27/98
Bobby is hit by a car as he crosses the street, preoccupied with staring at a sexy woman. (Ally McBeal??) The driver of the car is Ellenor's client. Ellenor becomes disillusioned with herself and with the law when she realizes that despicable actions have become second nature to her. Lindsay finally finishes the new conference room, and Bobby struggles with feelings he has about his father. The whole firm is surprised to find out that Rebecca has been attending law school at night for the past five years and has passed the bar exam. Helen prosecutes two teenage boys for killing a 15 year old girl.

OAD 10/04/98
Helen and Lindsay move in together. The firm gets a new secretary, Lucy Hatcher, who dispenses unwanted advice and annoys the majority of the firm's members. Lindsay and Bobby rush to defend Lindsay's law professor and mentor, Anderson Pearson, who has shot and killed a man who was stalking his family. Rebecca represents a young boy who stole a bicycle. (Marla Sokoloff joins the cast as Lucy Hatcher)

OAD 10/11/98
Bobby and Lindsay start to work tirelessly on the Pearson case. Lindsay struggles with her feelings and ambitions. George Vogelman, the podiatrist that Ellenor formerly dated, comes into the office with a severed head in his medical bag. Eugene and Ellenor must decide how to deal with George. Jimmy and Rebecca defend Jesse Manning, a man accused of plotting the murder of his wife. They face looming evidence of step-by-step drawings of the murder accompanied by an intricately devised plan of execution.

OAD 10/18/98
Anderson Pearson's court date arrives. Bobby and Lindsay await the jury's surprisingly quick verdict -- guilty. Ellenor realizes she may be too close to George Vogelman to see clearly in his trial for the murder of Susan Robin. Eugene takes over as first chair as Ellenor struggles over whether George is innocent after a strange pornography collection is found in his apartment.

OAD 10/24/98
Jimmy defends his cousin, who is being sued for wrongful termination by an Iranian woman. He must face his own feelings about his own prejudices and about the beautiful woman as the civil suit proceeds. Eugene and Ellenor search for another possible suspect in the murder of Susan Robin....but nothing seems to exonerate George completely. Lindsay presents a brilliant appeal on behalf of Anderson Pearson before a panel of judges, but she must come to terms with her strong emotions due to her loss at trial. (The Iranian woman who sues Jimmy's cousin was played by Shiva Rose Afshar, Dylan McDermott's wife)

OAD 11/08/98
Tensions flare at the firm as Ellenor and Eugene adopt questionable tactics to defend George Vogelman. Lindsay suggests "Plan B," a controversial defense strategy which has the lawyer accuse someone else of the murder, usually a friend or family member of the victim. Eugene questions his humanity as the trial concludes, even though George is found not guilty.

OAD 11/15/98
The firm is stunned when fellow attorney Tommy Silva sues each of them personally for defamation. He represents Steven Robin, whom Eugene accused of murdering his sister Susan in an attempt to exonerate George Vogelman. Lindsay contines her pleas to Judge Hiller to reduce Anderson Pearson's conviction to manslaughter. Bobby fears for her both professionally and personally. Helen continues to try to keep a four year old witness from testifying against a young man who bludgeoned the little boy's babysitter to death.

OAD 11/29/98
Lindsay and Eugene prepare to fight the lawsuit against Tommy Silva. The firm questions Bobby's move of appointing Jimmy as first chair in the case. Bobby defends Evelyn Mayfield, a woman accused of murdering a baby in her care. Rebecca questions the legal system just days before her swearing-in ceremony when she believes her client may be a serial killer.

OAD 12/06/98
Evelyn Mayfield's trial begins. Rebecca defends the same boy who stole the bicycle again -- this time for passing a sexually explicit note to a girl in his class. Bobby asks Lindsay about a kiss they once shared, and Lindsay tells him that while this is a great job, it is not a great life. She needs someone to pull her out of it, and he cannot be that for her, even though she could fall in love with him all over again if she let herself. Lucy surprises Bobby with an unexpected Christmas kiss. The firm continues to debate whether Jimmy as first chair is the best choice.

OAD 12/13/98
Jimmy takes on Tommy Silva as he struggles for the firm's future. He must use some unpopular tactics with his colleagues when Ellenor and Eugene prove ineffective on the witness stand. Bobby's conflicted feelings about Lindsay cause him extreme guilt over the innocent kiss with Lucy. The firm triumphs over the defamation suit, and Jimmy seems the hero. Later, at the office's Christmas party, Lindsay and Bobby kiss passionately and get together as a couple again.

OAD 01/03/99
Eugene defends a friend, Jerry Green, after Jerry is arrested while dressed in drag on prostitution charges. Because a high-ranking politician is also implicated in the case, Helen must humiliate Jerry Green on the stand in order to prosecute the politician. Ellenor is approached by a lucrative new client, an asbestos company, who wants her and the firm to represent them. The client is rejected by a partnership vote, which enrages Ellenor and seems to create a powerplay dominated by Bobby and Lindsay. Bobby must reprimand Lucy after she pulls a horrid practical joke on Ellenor, placing a fake head in a medical bag near her desk.

OAD 01/10/99
Bobby and Eugene travel to a friend's home to counsel his family when a dead infant is discovered in the teenage daughter's closet. Bobby faces an ethical crisis when he makes a heart breaking decision to conceal evidence and give the child a proper funeral. Lindsay helps Jimmy defend a shipwrecked man accused of murdering a companion for the life-vest to save his own life. Rebecca gets a drug dealer off when the arresting officer recites an implausible story on the stand. And Helen desperately tries to arrange a day of rest and relaxation at a spa for herself and Lindsay.

OAD 01/17/99
Helen prosecutes a TV News Magazine after the producer airs a controversial, Kevorkian-like suicide on television. Judge Roberta Kittleson informs Bobby that she has had erotic dreams about him, and Bobby worries that Kittleson is biased against him after he reacted negatively to her advances. Lucy teaches Eugene's son Kendall how to dance, which causes Kendall to develop a crush on her.

OAD 02/07/99
An attorney friend of Bobby asks his help in defending a young prostitute accused of murder. Ellenor defends her first client ever, drug addict Leonard Sowers. While working on a divorce case, Jimmy teaches Rebecca how to leave clients in a better place by hatching up a brilliant scheme with the opposing counsel to placate the warring man and woman. Kendall asks Lucy out on a date, and Eugene must break his heart by telling him Lucy is too old for him.

OAD 02/21/99
Tensions flare at the firm as Ellenor's anger grows over losing her asbestos clients. When she finds out that Lindsay makes twice her salary, she tries to recruit Jimmy over to her side to break what she perceives to be a Bobby/Lindsay power-block. A partners meeting escalates into an all-out, sumo-wrestling brawl! Meanwhile, Bobby and Lindsay represent a restaurant owner suing a news reporter for airing an expose about cockroaches in the kitchen. Helen prosecutes a teenage boy for visciously killing an old woman's cat.

316. "END GAMES"
OAD 02/28/99
The office is thrown into turmoil when Ellenor's client Leonard Sowers rushes through the door and throws what appears to be heroine onto Ellenor's desk. The cops are right on his heels and arrest Ellenor for possession. A search of Ellenor's desk uncovers a bloody knife -- the weapon used in the Susan Robin murder. The firm drops everything to help Ellenor. An ingeniuus discovery by Rebecca reveals a police conspiracy to frame Ellenor and get to George Vogelman. Much to Lindsay's chagrin, Bobby represents Judge Kittleson in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by one of her former law clerks. Jimmy is mesmerized by Kittleson's frank sexual discussion, and decides to toast victory with her with a glass of champagne at a nice restaurant.

OAD 03/07/99
Eugene's son Kendall is arrested for having drugs at school. Bobby gets behind Eugene and works to get Kendall a light punishment. Eugene discovers a videotape of Kendall discussing how he feels about doing drugs and about crime. Much of what Kendall says has come directly out of Eugene's mouth. This scares his ex-wife Sharon who wants to sue for sole custody of Kendall, saying Eugene's career is a bad influence. Jimmy and Lindsay sue a gun manufacturer after a teenage girl is killled. Jimmy argues that the gun company targeted advertising at criminals and also circumvented gun laws by selling mail-order gun kits.

OAD 03/14/99
Eugene fights Sharon for custody of Kendall. Sharon believes Eugene's job is sending the wrong message to their son. Bobby must dig up some unpleasant parts of Sharon's past to help Eugene stay in Kendall's life. The judge tells Eugene and Sharon to try to work out their problems, and he refues to grant either one of them sole custody. Helen prosecutes an alleged carjacker who she suspects may actually be innocent. Rebecca tries to get a psychiatrist his job back after he is fired because a medical condition left him cross-eyed.

OAD 03/28/99
Judge Hiller assigns Lindsay the repugnant task of defending nun-killer Michael Kingston. Lindsay and Ellenor discover that the police search which uncovered the nun's chopped up body was unconstitutional. Although it sickens them, they move to have the evidence suppressed in order to set Kingston free. Helen delivers an impassioned speech about the intent and purpose of the 4th Amendment. But Judge Hiller has no choice but to set the brutal killer free. Jimmy and Rebecca defend a man on solicitation charges, claiming that the undercover cop used coercion and entrapment to entice him to commit the crime. Jimmy and Kittleson pursue a private relationship.

OAD 04/18/99
Lucy is stunned to learn that her landlord planted video cameras in her ceiling and uploaded videos of her showering and undressing onto the internet. Judge Kittleson is outraged when she finds details of her private life on the 'net as well, including pictures of her and Jimmy in an elevator. Helen recruits Ellenor to represent a witness when he decides to change his story in order to clear his father of charges of murdering his mother.

OAD 04/25/99
Helen is determined to make someone pay for the murder of Gordon Armbrust's wife. She brings felony murder charges against the son Gary to lying for save his father. Ellenor must fight to save the boy, but he receives the maximum sentence for perjury, 20 years. Rebecca takes the pro bono case of an ungrateful murderer after he fired his six previous attorneys. Bobby investigates a woman's mysterious death after routine cosmetic surgery, uncovering a trail of deception and disease behind the hospital's doors. (Special Note: This episode was directed by Dylan McDermott, the first time an ep was directed by a cast member)

OAD 05/02/99
Eugene defends a rabbi accused of rape. The rabbi admits a pre-existing relationship with the woman and claims that when she tried to break off the relationship it was only a means to arouse him. He also asserts that the woman "liked it rough." Eugene grapples with ethical questions when he finds out that this is not the first time the rabbi has been accused of raping a woman.

OAD 05/09/99
Lindsay is stabbed by an unknown assailant wearing a nun's outfit during a late night at the office. Lindsay manages to utter the word 'nun' to Bobby before passing out. Based on the information, Helen drags nuns into the courthouse for interrogation, reasoning that a nun upset over Michael Kingston's acquittal committed the crime. Jimmy finds a photo of Lindsay with her image scratched out in Judge Kittleson chambers, leading to the judge's arrest, and later her release. Other suspects include Kingston himself and Joey Heric, taking the firm and the viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions and possibilities. Bobby proposes marriage to Lindsay, who accepts. The episode ends with a startling image of George Vogelman dressed in a nun's habit, wandering the streets of Boston.

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