~Season Two~

OAD 09/20/97
The firm questions Bobby's judgement when he becomes romantically involved with his beautiful but icy client accused of murder. She claims to have shot the victim in self-defense because he was trying to rape her. But the fact that she shot him five times does not help her case. (Lara Flynn Boyle joins the cast as A.D.A. Helen Gamble)

OAD 09/23/97
Eugene and Ellenor are called to the scene of a city councilman's apartment where he is found stabbed to death. The killer: colorful, narcissistic Joey Heric. Unpredictable events ensue. Jimmy is tried on solicitation charges after he tries to help a hooker get off the streets.

OAD 09/27/97
Bobby and Helen go head to head in an assisted suicide case. Both lawyers are forced to come to terms with their painful memories of a loved one who died in similar circumstances. Lindsay goes up against her ex-boyfriend when she defends an elderly bookie.

(SPECIAL NOTE: The next three episodes were filmed as first season episodes but were not aired until the second season, thus the strange production codes. These episodes were interspliced with the second season for various reasons. A glaring difference between them and other 2nd season eps is the absence of Lara Flynn Boyle.)

107. "DOG BITE"
OAD 10/04/97
Ellenor and Lindsay defend Kenny the pimp, and Lindsay is approached by a jury member in a elevator. It jeopardizes their case and both their careers. Jimmy gets his first case as he fights for a little girl bitten by a rottweiler. Eugene makes more bets that he will get off his one-legged thief of a client.

OAD 10/11/97
Ellenor and Lindsay face disbarrment proceedings for their entanglement with the juror. Bobby serves as co-counsel with his former lover on a murder case. Eugene defends a cop who believes that the job turned him into a racist. And Jimmy has an erotic dream about Lindsay.

OAD 10/18/97
Lindsay's occasional boyfriend Chris Kelton slips her the date rape drug which causes Lindsay frustration and anger. George Vogelman sues Ellenor for emotional distress after she dumps him because she doensn't like his looks. Jimmy defends a man who was fired because he looks like a monkey and Bobby tries to right the wrongs in the conviction of an innocent woman.

OAD 10/25/97
Lindsay grows increasingly frustrated with her job after she puts yet another drug dealer back on the strets. Helen makes a pass at an unsuspecting Bobby during a Halloween party. Eugene and Ellenor represent a friend of Rebecca's who seeks a court injunction to force his wife to have a Caesarian section against her wishes. A doctor's actions prove a crisis of conscience for Rebecca.

205. "THE MEANS"
OAD 11/08/97
Bobby uses the race card in defense of a black man accused of manslaughter during a riot, which angers Eugene. Ellenor represents her obnoxious cousin who wants to sue the travel agency for ruining her honeymoon.

OAD 11/15/97
Lindsay must choose between her drug-dealer client and his "mule" when the young girl ("mule") faces death from swallowing baggies of cocaine. Lindsay tells Bobby she no longer wants to do drug cases. Jimmy takes the case of a community stricken by cancer, hoping to prove power lines in the area caused the tragedies. Lindsay and Bobby end their secret romance so Bobby can pursue a relationship with Helen Gamble.

OAD 11/22/97
Donnell and Associates are called by the Capital Defenders Project to keep convicted murderer Randy Jefferson from facing death by lethal injection. Their frantic process to prevent his execution is caught on tape by a documentary crew.

(SPECIAL NOTE: The next four episodes are, again, first season episodes never before seen by viewers interspliced with second season episodes. They are out of production order which makes things a bit confusing)

OAD 12/06/99
Bobby and Lindsay second-chair a case with Bobby's old mentor, Raymond Oz, a legenday attorney. Oz suffers from severe memory lapses both in and out of the courtroom. Eugene struggles with himself when he defends a repeat sodomizer who murders two little boys; his anger erupts in violence against his client. Jimmy's fantasies come true when his celebrity idol from his teenage years asks him for his legal counsel.

OAD 12/13/97
Bobby's priest, Father Martin, is charged with murder after a parishioner dies during an exorcism. Eugene represents Martin Parks in a bizarre malpractice suit. And Jimmy tapes a television commericial to drum up business which does not please the other members of the firm.

OAD 12/20/97
Jimmy must face his own prejudices when his mother reveals she is a lesbian and wants to marry another woman. But he fights for her in court so the two may be married. Ellenor and Eugene team up to defend a repeat rapist but Eugene questions himself yet again when he meets one of the victims in a clothing store.

OAD 01/03/98
After she is arrested on prostitution charges, an old girlfriend of Bobby's seeks his help. Ellenor and Rebecca fight for a young girl who faces expulsion from school because of her Tourette's Syndrome outbursts. Lindsay represents a woman who sues her doctor after he sews live maggots into her leg to prevent infection.

OAD 01/05/98
While in the heat of passion with Helen, Bobby overhears police plans to raid one of his drug clients. After Bobby warns the client, three police officers are killed and Bobby faces multiple reckless homicide charges. Jimmy goes up against a large Boston electric company as he tries to prove they caused his clients' cancer and also tries to uphold his own reputation against the opposing counsel.

OAD 01/12/98
Jimmy and Ellenor enlist Lindsay's help as the powerline case continues. Rebecca picks out a murderer in a police line-up after witnessing a gruesome shooting. The killer's brother threatens Rebecca's life.

OAD 01/19/98
Jimmy and Lindsay fight for their clients with cancer as the powerline case comes to a head. The amazing verdict proves to be a bittersweet victory for Jimmy when the judge overturns it and awards the victims nothing.

OAD 02/02/98
Ellenor and Lindsay defend a porn star accused of killing her husband during a bondage sex scene. Ellenor learns that the D.A.'s office has a vendetta against their firm. Rebecca's ID of the murder suspect is called into question when the opposing counsel brings it to court as tainted. Bobby and Helen's relationship is put to the test when Lindsay's fondness for elbow sucking gets Bobby in trouble when he tries to suck Helen's elbows. Helen learns that the two have slept together in the past.

212. "THE TRIAL" (Part 1 of 2)
OAD 02/09/98
Another victim is found decapitated and without hands or feet, making everyone believe "The Poet" has struck again. However, a prominent doctor, Jeffrey Winslow, is charged with the crime, as the woman was his mistress. Dr. Winslow gives Bobby's firm a million dollar retainer, and Bobby refuses to back down from the case even after he learns Helen is the prosecuting attorney. The two break up because neither will recuse themself. Eugene defends Rebecca's eccentric uncle who is charged with tax evasion.

OAD 02/16/98
The trial of Jeffrey Winslow continues. Bobby and Helen pull out all the stops to get the verdict each one wants. Most of Helen's key evidence gets thrown out, however, she has a bloody footprint up her sleeve. Bobby discovers the "secret" evidence, and blows her cover. Yet Dr. Winslow is found guilty. We are left wondering why his wife has such a satisfied look on her face after the verdict is read.

214. "IN DEEP"
OAD 03/02/98
Rebecca is called to testify against the man she witnessed shooting the gas station attendant. The prosecution's entire case rests on Rebecca's version of events. Ellenor pawns off one of her cases to Lindsay who must represent a man with floating feces. Ellenor then defends Warren Crookshank for purse snatching. Eugene gets a shirt back from the cleaners a few sizes too small and must deal with his own racial prejudices.

OAD 03/09/98
Bobby defends colorful character Joey Heric on murder charges once again. Problems arise when Joey decides to be his own counsel but Bobby remains as his back up attorney. Ellenor continues to fight for Warren Crookshank as he faces anti-tourism charges. She makes an impassioned speech about the state trying to send a message about committing crimes against tourists. Lindsay has a chance to fight back against Anderson Pearson when he tells her she has chosen the wrong path. Lindsay sues Pearson himself when she suspects he may be burying damaging information that could help her client who is addicted to cigarettes.

OAD 03/16/98
Helen desperately attempts to outsmart Joey Heric who ingeniusly represents himself. Ellenor argues a case of discrimination for an overweight woman who was taunted by a circus clown. Bobby feels the case is too close to home for her, and assigns Lindsay as second chair.

OAD 03/30/98
Lindsay causes an uproar during a staff meeting when she demands to be made partner in the firm. Helen prosecutes a man for a hit and run against a homeless victim. Rebecca receives an animal rights award, but jeopardizes her accolade when she kills a rat in the office. Lindsay confesses her love for Bobby, and tells him that it is one reason why she stays on at the practice.

OAD 04/06/98
Rebecca and Jimmy go undercover in an attempt to break an insurance fraud ring after Rebecca is involved in a car accident which appears to be a scam. Ellenor represents a scientist who wants to stop a primate center from selling an intelligent chimpanzee to research. Bobby decides to make Lindsay, Ellenor, Eugene and Rebecca partners in the firm.

219. "AXE MURDERER" (2)
OAD 04/27/98
(Special Note: This episode was the second part to an Ally McBeal/Practice crossover. The first part aired the same evening as an episode of Ally McBeal on Fox, entitled "Inmates.")
Rebecca and Jimmy continue to infiltrate the insurance scam by investigating a crooked chiropracter, Fred Spivak. Lindsay realizes that Spivak is the same man Ellenor is currently dating, and falling in love with. Bobby and Eugene assist Ally McBeal and Billy Thomas from the law offices of Cage & Fish in defense of a woman who committed a gruesome murder with an axe. The lawyers from the two different firms clash over the use of some unorthodox courtroom tactics.

OAD 05/04/98
Jimmy's strong Catholic faith is shaken when his priest, Father Ryan, is arrested for the murder of a teenage boy. As Jimmy gets closer to the truth, he is shot at point blank range. The firm prays for his life and attempts to find out who is responsible. Ellenor struggles over her sense of ethics which is in conflict with her relationship with Fred Spivak.

OAD 05/11/98
Bobby defends a 13 year old boy who shot and killed his mother over a petty argument. Helen wants to try the boy as an adult, and Bobby is powerless to stop her. Eugene wrestles with the morality of his profession and its effect on his son Kendall. Lindsay tries very hard to land a class-action asbestos suit as part of her plans to change and improve the firm's reputation.

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