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Dr. Annette Hasalone-Eve

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Dr. Annette Hasalone-Eve has devoted the last several years to locating and studying alternative methods for restoring good health or preventing ill health. While studying to become a Doctor of Naturopathy she was amazed at what she found or shall I say what she did not find in the field of health! Her specialty was/is the in depth understanding of the application and utilization of the revolutionary mono-atomic mineral health supplements on the market.

She is a wife mother and grand-mother.

She has been a mental health case manager and a drug rehab counselor in the past and found conventional medical treatments to be lacking in these fields as well as in her personal life. What prompted her to begin these studies was her own life long health issues that no Doctor could diagnose or correct. Her immune responses were poor and it seemed that she was always ill with some sort of virus, bacterial infection or some other problem.

She had two near death experiences that doctors could not explain. The last bout of a severe staph infection in her lung, was unaffected by conventional ministrations.

That is when she began the use of minerals that which saved her life and gave back her health.

These minerals were improved upon by her and are the mono-atomic minerals as we know them today.

Angstrom Minerals

Dr. Annette Hasalone-Eve

*The innovator behind the technology of the mono-atomic minerals.*

Her life's work now is to give more information regarding minerals in the mono-atomic form so that we all will have a better understanding of how we can help our bodies heal.
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Her Books

Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide

by Dr. Annette Hasalone-Eve, N.D. Copyright 2004
Price: $20.95

A 203 page mineral practically complete mineral reference book, compiling almost all known data on minerals and their function in human physiology. Included is a section on all major minerals known to have a function in human physiology, a section with recommended protocols for most major disease conditions, a section on the body systems, a bibliography & reference section, and more.

812" x 11", 203 pages

Off Balance

by Dr. Annette Hasalone-Eve, N.D. Copyright 2004
Price: $19..95

This wonderful 93 page book contains a mountain of information about human mineral chemistry, with extensive references from hundreds of sources.

The introducton below has been taken from copywritten material by Dr. Annette Hasalone-Eve, with her permission.


It is said we are made of the dust of the earth, the same basic chemical elements of which the earth is made. Yet, spectrophotometric analysis has shown the same elements are present in the stars, so it can also be said we are made of stardust.

Dr. Bernard Jensen

It is such a wonderful statement and so representative of the human body. Chemical elements are the basis of all life, the building blocks of not only our bodies but also the stars themselves.

Chemical (mineral) elements are just now beginning to receive the attention they deserve and recognition of how vital they are to our health.

For years the scientific community has focused in on proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Nutrition of today is incomplete, as it has not recognized the evolved biochemical elements that make up our muscle structure, frame, and every aspect of our body, indeed our world.

Take carbohydrates for instance, they are considered to be sugars or starches (simple or complex) and are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Proteins found in the human body are made up of various combinations of twenty amino acids. These are compounds made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen primarily, while certain amino acids also contain sulphur, iron, phosphorus, zinc and copper.

So it is with all things, they are comprised of the elements. More than a hundred years ago a Russian chemist called Mendelyeff noticed that all the basic constituents of matter, the elements, could be arranged in a pattern according to their chemical properties. From this he produced what is known as the periodic table. There were many gaps where elements should be, and sure enough over the years these missing elements have been discovered. All matter, including your body, is made out of these elements.

Here we will be focusing on the elements with an emphasis on the minerals (metals). We will also be looking at the mineral ratios (relationships) and how they relate to every body system and organ.

New studies suggest that numerous minerals, when in proper balance with one another, may be performing important non-classical biochemical functions especially important to age-related health problemsGiven this body of new data, we should begin to view our daily intake of nutrients as performing dual roles; first in the role of preventing known mineral deficiencies; and, second in optimizing the disease-preventing properties of these nutrients. The latter role, and the increasing evidence that supports it, makes it reasonable to believe that it will be possible to reduce the incidence of most life-limiting chronic diseases through the adoption of optimal daily nutrient intake levels. The key is insuring that the body always receives an adequate and balanced supply of all minerals (elements) that might be of potential benefit to maintaining our health or restoring our health.

Off Balance
by Dr. Annette Hasalone-Eve, N.D. Copyright 2004
93 pages

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