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Neve Campbell




Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell was born on October 3rd, 1973 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She has three brothers: Christian, Alex, and Damian. Christian is 25 and lives in LA, and runs a theatre company called "Blue Sphere Alliance". Alex, 12, has just gotten his own TV series in Canada; and Damian unfortunately has the disorder Tourettes’s Syndrome. Neve’s parents Marnie Neve, and Gerry Campbell got a divorce when she was a baby. Her mother is now a psychologist, and runs a yoga studio in Vancouver. Her father is a high school drama teacher in Toronto.

Neve enjoys many different things such as acting, dancing, swimming, and horseback riding. She began dancing at the age of six. She joined the National Ballet School of Canada at nine, with her heart set on becoming a professional ballerina. In her first year, she performed The Nutcracker. She quit dancing when she was 15 because of extreme pressure and back-stabbing competition. She also wanted to live a normal teen-age life. So, she enrolled in a public school for a year before switching to an alternative school for artists, athletes, and actors.

Neve then attended an audition for Canada’s Phantom of the Opera, and won the role of one of the Degas Girls. She was the youngest person on the cast and ended up staying with them for two more years.

Neve then went on to act on a Canadian TV series called Catwalk but then quit. Next she did some guest appearances on Kids in the Hall, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and My Secret Identity. She also did some movies such as, I Know My Son is Alive, The Dark, and Paint Cans.

In 1994, Neve traveled to LA so that she could "throw her name around". She auditioned with 300 other girls for the character of Julia Salinger in Party of Five and found out two weeks later that she had gotten the part. She then permanently moved to LA with her Shi Tzu named Buster to keep her company. Later that year she traveled to the UK to film the movie, Canterville Ghost.

In 1995, on April 3rd, she married her boyfriend of five years, Jeff Colt. Hey met while Neve was performing in Phantom and Jeff was bartending. They maintained their marriage until mid-1997 when they separated.

Neve also filmed two horror films while filming Party of Five. She plays Bonnie in The Craft, as well as Sidney in Scream and Scream 2. She says that she picked the parts because of their huge transitions.

Neve has finished filming the fourth season of Party of Five, finished the movies Wild Things, 54, Hairshirt, and the voice of Kiara in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, as well as the new hit, Three to Tango. The next thing on her list is to be involved in Scream 3.

Today she is the national youth spokesperson for Tourette Syndrome which is a disorder characterized by tics. She is also a spokesperson for youth with HIV/AIDS.

In closing, Neve Campbell is a great role model for young people today. She has played a very important part in Canadian entertainment, and has made Canada look very good.


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