Bio: Flanger stared in July of 2001. We were first called "The Crack Babies",but then changed it. Right away, all of us started writing songs and practicing any time we could. Our first practice took place on July 4th, right after the Deerfield fireworks. Anyways, we had a few more practices after that and pretty soon we had a good setlist down. Ever since we have
been writing new tunes, practicing, and playing as many shows as possible. The band finally kicked out the drummer due to lack of practicing, and got Marcin from the formally known Baxters Lunchbox. We recorded a 4 song demo at Back Alley Records and it sounded great. Soon after, we relized that the band was short a member. We decided to add our best friend chase also formally in a band called Reptile Anus, as a second guitarist. For any info on how to obtain our music/merch, go to the "Contact" section of our site.