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This is the section where we tell you all about our awesome music


"It May Be Small But Sure Is Thin":
Recorded on October 9th
and 12th. A 4 song demo recorded
live. Get a copy NOW!

We now also have two Live Recordings From Afternights

Live at Afternights 4/12/02- Recorded Live on April 12th. An 8 song CD.. Kinda shitty

Live at Afternights 4/27/02- Recorded live on April 27th. Both cds are free!! I think...Get a copy now

Also we have this professionally done live video of us. Its our whole show. If anyone wants it ill sell it to them for a buck. Its a pretty cool video!!

Title: Self Titled---Date Recorded: August 6th

Track Listing: 1. Batmobile   2. Eggnog 3. I Can't Do That  4. Mission Trip---Price: Free

Get  a fucking copy its free..just email me or come toa  show

(tenative) Tracklist for Upcoming CD

01. Dont Leave Me (Blink 182)
02. Letters To Steph
03. Oxymoron
04. Eggnog
05. Poo Eater
06. Local Government
07. What?
08. Take Lots With Alcohol (Alkaline Trio)
09. Dammit (Blink 182)
10. Stupid Kid ( Alkaline Trio)
11. RATS
12. 12 Stepper
We are always writing new material so look forward to some new songs
 Also once we get something recorded well get some Mp3's up.
Since we have a new lineup and our style has changed so has our setlist. We still know how to play our old songs but from now on our set listis as follows
1. Batmobile ( Camp Song)
2. Eggnog
3. Mission Trip
4. I Cant Do It
5. Hit Or Miss (New Found Glory Cover)
7. 50 Cents
8. Banana

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