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Sixth Pillar of Iman


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Beleif in the Eternal and Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom of Allah
This is the most complexing belief to both understand and to explain as well, but it means that whatever happens in this world happens accordingly to a Divine Plan, and that Allah knew everything that would ever happen in creation before He created it, the first thing Allah created was the Pen and then the Book of Divine Decree in which He wrote down and planned everything that would ever occur in the creation, this is not to say that the human being does not have Free Will to choose his own actions, but only that since Allah is the Creator of all that Exists, our own actions are also the creations of Allah, the point of origin or cause of our actions lies in Allahs creating them, and the point of effort in which the action is done is through us. Allah has angels that prompt people to have good intentions to do good things and there are evil jinn and shaytans that serve to prompt people  to have bad intentions and do evil things, but this is not to say that the human being does not have the Right to Choose his own actions, only that the choices he makes are already predetermined by Fate and Destiny. There is no reason why Fate and Destiny and Human FreeWill cannot co-exist.
Put Simply all that occurs in creation is result of a Planner, and He has Etnernal Knowledge of all that has ever happened and all that will ever happen, and everything He causes to happen happens accordig to His Infinite Wisdom.


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