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What Is
j'adore ?





j'adore means I adore.

I adore The Sundays...


They happened to be my favourite band since few months ago. I was noticed that FayeWong(my favourite HongKong singer) is the fan of a British band The Sundays, and then I have been downloading mp3 of Sundays and buying their albums.

The first song of Sundays I hear was "Here's Where The Story Ends", that was truely touch the soul of mine with the beautiful melody. From that point, I've been being obsessed with Harriet's angelic voice... their thoughtful lyrics... the excellent guitar works...

Their music never get me bored. I think they deserve more credit.

I used to close my eyes, sit in my living room, listening The Sundays's music,
almost in heaven !!

And I'd love to should out: I Love The SUNDAYS!!