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Adroit Deviant
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Adroit Deviant is a well-mannered bad-ass.As a youngster she was known for her courteous nature and was sometimes misled by less than dignified people. Having gotten caught up in the wrong crowd, she ended up nearly paying for her misdeeds with her life. Choosing now to be a loner, she walks the path of an out-cast, leaving only her foot-prints as evidence that she even exists...

"The true warrior knows he is already dead,
 therefor has no fear of death, only dishonor."

In this site you will find the scraps we were given to work with, donated by Adroit Deviant, herself. She is very much so open to questions and comments. So get comfortable and take a look around.Some say they can feel her very essence...

The Message

Personal Statement From Adroit : "I see this place as my's not much...but its just enough to get me by."

This Website's Debut : January 11, 2004