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Welcome to International Dating Club "Afrodita"!

We're glad you're visiting our club.

As you know, "Afrodita" is the Greek goddess personifying love. The legend says "who esteems Afrodita highly that receives a gift from her - true love, so Pigmalionus received his sweetheart alive a statue. But who doesn't respect Afrodita - that like Narcissus stays alone. "

The love is a great gift given to the people by the God. The family which based on love and respect is the greatest happiness both for the man, and for the woman, and main - for their children.

The purpose of creating our club is to extent the boards among people so that they can find cordial friend. That's why the issue of addresses on our server charge-free. The correspondence helps to know each other better. Through the letters the person can be uncovered.

Why do women come to us and place their pages on our site?
There're a lot of reasons, but we would like to attract your attention to two main reasons. One from them is an interest to western life and culture. The other is economic crisis in our country. All these were caused by the long-term cold war, that divided all the world into two camps: socialist and capitalist.

Every woman in our club has preliminary psychological testing and only after that we place the page on the site. Law matters consulting, image consulting, psychological trainings are offered to our women. Confidential correspondence is guaranteed for all our clients.

Our club is situated in Dniepropetrovsk City, Ukraine.

Click here to see about our services for men. And we provide new of kind service, it's the presentation your information for attention women in our club.

Your opinion is very important to us we could improve our service both for men and for women. Feel free to send your suggestions by clicking here.

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