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Welcome to the world of the A_I_Artificial_Intelligence_RP group. We're a dedicated group of roleplayers operating in the dark and haunting world of the Stephen Spielberg movie "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence." If you'd like to join us, click on the image above to visit our Yahoo group.

02/09/05 UPDATE -- added Scene 20-25 summaries to "The AI RP Scenes-to-Date Summary"
04/28/04 UPDATE -- added Scene 18 & 19 summmaries to "The AI RP Scenes-to-Date Summary"
10/20/03 UPDATE -- added Scene 16 summmary to "The AI RP Scenes-to-Date Summary"
10/11/03 UPDATE -- added "Maps and Locations" page, with maps of Blackhill Observatory

07/22/03 UPDATE -- added "Art of the AI RP" and "The AI RP Scenes-to-Date Summary" pages to the site.

This site is a companion to the A_I_Artificial_Intelligence_RP Yahoo! group (linked through the image at the top of the page). That's where most of the action is, so feel free to visit us there and join if you're so inclined. We welcome new members, both to watch and to roleplay!

Every great story deserves a great soundtrack. We've collected a few songs to help define characters and events when words fall short...Click this link to hear:

Excerpts from various characters' responses to questions in "The Mother Of All Character Questionnaires":

Q 39. Do you live with anyone (housemates, roommates, relatives, friends,
near-strangers, family friend, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover)?

Cecie: "Sharing an apartment with Frank and his friend Hal McGeever. I call it the menage a trois without the sex."

Q35. Do you favour a particular cuisine?

Hal: "Things that most people won't touch. Ever tried roasted newts?"

Q109. If your life were to end in 24 hours, what 5 things would you do in those remaining hours?

Joe: "Find David, and make love to four women."

Q26. Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor?

Nicky: "I had a grandfather who pretended to be a woman so he wouldn't have to fight in the Napalese Civil War."

Q27. Briefly describe a defining moment in your childhood and how it influenced your life.

Cal: "I killed somebody when I were eleven. I think that's efficently fucked me up since then."

The full answers of all characters to the MoACQ can be found on the Yahoo! group mailing list.

Famous Last Words #79 --

GM : "Something small and roundish clinks down the stairs."
PC1: "Grenade! I catch it."
PC2: "I catch it!"
PC3: "I catch it!"
Grenade: *explodes*