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*aiMee's SeXeE SiTe*


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.* QUOTES *.

You only live [ONCE] but if you live it like me and ma girls [ONCE is enough]

When the world around me goes insane, you're there to remind me that a few *good things remain*

I may not be..
-the [prettiest] girl aLive-
-the [richest] girl aLive-
- the [smartest] girl aLive-
..But I am..
-the *[luckiest]* girl aLive-
Because I have *YOU*

*Laugh your heart out* // dance in the rain. . .
cherish the [memz] // ignore the pain
l o v e and l e a r n // forget .and. [forgive]
remember.. // you only have one life to LIVE*

. . . Gimme the chance to shine and I'll blind the world . . .

.>* Something in your eyes just seems to hypnotize... everytime I look at you I get butterflies *<.

[ Envy Me. Hate Me. Rate Me.. Bottom Line Is, You Aint Me ]

now I lay mE down to sLeep, wiT a bottLe of voDka at my feeT, N' if I die beFore I wake, teLL all mY girLs I draNk it sTraight!

. . . Be Sexy, Be True, Be Wild, Be YOU!. . .

--Love ma boyz, why wouldn't I? Die for these girlz, how couldn't I?--

>>Turnin' heads, stealin' guys, breakin' hearts, and ruinin' lives, crazy nights, us bustin' our moves, heres to ma girls... I LOVE YOU<<

//Let Me Grind With Youuu...\\

I need tO be Licked from ma head tO ma feeT, tO make a Long sTory shoRt... I need mE a FrEaK!

If I Lick My Lips I'm Probably Feelin' Youuu...*

Ma Business Don't Concern You, So Unless You're My Thong
>Don't Be Up My Ass<

The [b.e.s.t] feelings in -life-
are the ones you [can't] e.x.p.l.a.i.n...

. .. . I am who I am, your opinion is neither desired or required. .. .

Instead of talkin' shit, why dun u hoes do wut u do best... fall down -N- suck a dick

/-----To All Them Fake Ass Bitches Who Love To Run They Mouthz, Ma Name Aint A Dick So Keep It Outta Ya Mouth-----\

[I] [Got] [Yo] [Back] [No] [Matta] [The] [Situation], [U] [Ma] [Girls]... [No] [Need] [For] [Explanation]

I Hate Fake Bitches, But I know Everybody Lies, "It Aint Easy To Be Real"... Bullshit, You Can Still Try

::People say I've changed so much, but the honest truth is I just grew up:: She's ma girl -N- I support her to the FULLEST. If she's shootin' up the place, I'm bringin' the bullets.

No One Can Tell Me What To Do. It's My Life, And I'll Live It The Way I Want To.

Ur the definition of the "Absolute Best" Ur the reason I get thru life when it's a total mess

.+.You say Ima bitch, and yeah, I might be... but I don't remember askin' anyone of youz to like me.+.

Imagine your life without me... MiSeRabLe HuH?

->It's not called showing off... it's called you being mad cause you can't do it<-

To all You Hoes That Got Ma Left Ova's... I Got One Question For You... [ How Do I Taste? ]

\\What Goes Around Comes Around, That's What People Say, So All The Pain You Caused Me Will Come Back To You Someday//

Keep lookin' ma way, ma head is held [high]... u wanna bring me down?... [>I dare u to try<]

..yall look at me and see *innocence*, but yall have no clue what I've *experienced*..

::Don't mess wit my mind, cuz I promise u'll find, I'm different then preceived... I get even when deceived::

[I am who I am] [Till The Lord Strikes Me Dead] [Till Nerds Fail In Class][Till Hoes Stop Givin' Head]

Never hold back on what u wanna do... but let go of those who just can't stay true..

When ur wit ur friends, go ahead, act slick... but do me a favour, call me when u grow a dick!

--You just gotta deal with the shit people do, not everyone in your life is gon' stay true--

If you [don't know me] then [don't judge me] nobody said you had to [love me]

.+. I understand that sometimes people may talk behind my back, the thing is I'm real, which is one thing they lack.+.

U say u not a hoe, iight.. no doubt, but next time u say that, be sure to wipe ya mouth!

.*If you got something to say to me, say it straight, cuz bein' all shady is one thing I hate*.

I *drop* shit, hoes *pop* it, them birds *follow* it... got ma name in ur mouth? bitch *swallow* it!

. .. . Me without ma girls is like a camera wit no flash, a stripper wit no ass, a car wit no gas. .. .

**Crazy nites, insane grooves, blazin' clothes, sexy moves, neva lie, always true, to ma girls, I LOVE U**

Wut we share nuthin can compare. We may bitch -N- fight, but in the end we always tight, always stayin' [lady like] but still actin' [crazy like]

[I give smiles to many] - [emotions to few] - [but as for my heart]- [that belongs to only you]

Not many people stay true, but for the ones who do... I got mad love for you...