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Cromok is the famous band in late 80's which  at that time, they were known as one of the
pioneer of underground bands in Malaysia. Cromok was formed in Australia by 4 students
who studied in Australia. At that time the line up was :
Din, Karl, Miji and Sam.
But nowadays, there are only left Karl, Miji and Sam. After Din left the group, he formed his
own band which known as D'Cromok. But, Din was died after  he released his own album
D'Cromok around 1997...May God Bless him....
Their music concept is more to speed thrash with Malays elements for example  Siblings,
Metallurgical...And the most popular song is 'Another You'...

Karl - Gitar
Sam - Bass
Miji - Drum
Din - Rhythm (ex-Cromok)

Speed Thrash

Image of Purity

Forever In Time

Yours Truly
Latest !!! 1997...

D'cromok album

Mean Meaner Meanest
Have u got the latest Cromok's album ?
Release in 1999 ( the latest )

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