Mark Wahlberg

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film STATS:

Real Name:
Mark Wahlberg
actor, singer, model
June 5, 1971
Birth Place:
Dorchester, MASS
Sun in Gemini, Moon in Scorpio
Contact Address:
C/O united Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 500
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

film A Little Bit About Marky Mark!!!
Marks family consisted of 11 people... his
mother, Alma,father, Donald, 3 sisters, and
5 brothers.(including Donnie Wahlberg of the New Kids on
The Block)He was the last born of all the
children, growning up living in a 3 bedroom
apartment. His parents divorced when he was
11. Mark dropped out of school at the age of
14, to pursue his career as a street hustler,
full time. He was always thought of being
racist, which he denies, but had to serve a
45 day jail sentence for. To make use of
the time in jail he had, he worked out, which
I thank god for.
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film Teen Rap Star Days

Mark Wahlberg was the lead songer of the rap
group "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch" two of
their hit singles were "Good Vibrations"
went #1, and "Wild Side" which was on the
rap charts for 10 weeks, in 1991. His brother
Donnie Wahlberg, was/is a former member of
the New Kids on the Block, which Mark was
asked to sing for, but he hated the type of
music his brother sang, so he made his own
group. He has recently recorded songs for
movies, and soundtracks, some such as "Irie
Vibe" for the Fear soundtrack, and "Don't
Sleep" on the soundtrack of The Big Hit

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