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                                       Another Poem
Darkened Pathway

As I sit here in the darkness
I think of my life
Of the paths I've taken
Of the paths I've chosen.
I look at where I am in life
And wonder about who I really am
A mother a friend to my child
A wife a lover to my husband
But who am I
I'm still trying to find the real me.

As I sit here in the darkness
I think about my life
Which path am I on now
What path will be chosen
Do I set myself free
And shall I shout this is the real me
Should I tell those who care and love me who and what I want to be.

As I sit here in the darkness
Not knowing the path I will take
I hear the voice within telling me
This is the path to be chosen
Still I hold back and silence the voice within
For I fear what will become of my life if I tell who I really am.

I'm me sitting in the darkness, waiting, wanting and yearning to be the real me.

                                     Written by Alexandra J Jones.

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