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Our Purpose
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We have made considerable progress both on this web site and developing the Ammo Chiefs Association. This all started with the suggestion from Mark Madamba that Ammo Chiefs ought to have a web site. That was the spark that initiated all the rest of this, the reunion and the Ammo Chiefs Association. We are almost ready for a blast. What is needed now is your participation. Use this site or snail mail to let us know whether you are going to attend the Reunion. We are all looking to make this a gala event. Look forward to seeing you there.

CBU Breakout

Organization Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to foster and enhance an understanding of the need for breweries, play golf and not get caught cheating, and most importantly to perpetuate the understanding that if you ain't ammo you ain't shit!

Our Mission

We live so that others may die. Beyond that what is there? The reason for this page and site is to provide a place for Ammo Chiefs to share info on planned events, networking possibilities, and just to have fun.