Sir Syed Day '99: Photo Gallery

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
President Dr. Shaheer Khan Giving A Welcome Note
Mr Bilal Kidwai & Mr Suhail Farrukh Introducing Scholarship Program
Dr Shaheer Khan Introducing Dr. A. R. Kidwai and Mr Salam Qureshi
Dr. Kidwai (Special Guest) Speaking After Receiving Certificate of Honor
Ms. Amtul Suhail (Hostess of the Evening) Introducing the Chief Guest
The Chief Guest, Prof. Steven Poulos
"Yeh Mera Chaman Hai Mera Chaman" - Tarana-e-Aligarh
Distinguished Poets: (from left) Azhar Inayati, Saghar Khayyami, Himayat Ali Shayar and Shahryar