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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Wednesday, 27 January 2010
Transition back!
Topic: Listography

I remember saying to my crafty pals that my sorry neglected blog wouldn't become the Ella blog (we have snapfish for that) so here is the beginning of the transition back to crafty blog land (with sprinkles of Ella fun!)

Listography Wednesdays....

books we are reading:
Mouse Cookies & More-- a treasury-- Ella's favorite bedtime stories
Lego Star Wars- visual dictionary-- I got this for Ella we look at it every day

bargain find:
Suave professional line- Nexxus Humectant--I use this once/twice a week to offset the use of my "good" hairlines

must see online:
Thanks to AIDAN the BEST vintage wrapper collection
A cool new blog I found- Ali Edwards

Posted by amy at 4:14 PM PST

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