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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Thursday, 12 November 2009
She is HERE!
Topic: Ella

She is HERE!

So lets’ catchup!

Since October 25 I hadn’t been feeling very good, and blamed it on late third trimester pregnancy.  By Halloween I felt more run down each day, with a super increase in my water intake.  I had talked to my OBGYN about this, and he was keeping an eye on the symptoms realizing I was I drinking 2.5 gallons of water of day and still super thirsty, I was brought in for Lab work Nov 5th. 

On Nov 6th morning, my OBGYN was frantically trying to track me down (as I was with two girlfriends for breakfast and didn’t recognize the cell number on my phone)  Before I had a chance to listen to the voicemail, Mark reached me a frantic telling me to get home and meet him there, the Dr. wants to deliver Ella today due to my Lab Results.  Though I looked “normal” and blamed my symptoms on being pregnant… my liver was shutting down, with kidney failure soon to follow, all based my body responding to the placenta and pregnancy.  The baby was in no danger, as I would be the one to “get sick first” as the Dr. put it.

We were in the hospital within an hour, with the Dr. seeing us shortly after.  After assessment, I was told at 1:15 I would be having a C-section at 3:30. I was able to just have a spinal block and be awake for Ella’s birth. Ella was born at  4:01 Friday, Nov 6th.  We had no issues, and my health instantly improved within moments of her birth.  and I was up and running around within 10 hours of Ella’s birth. 





Ella McLaren Secrest
November 6, 2009
7lbs 4 oz
19.75 in



We were in the hospital until Tuesday afternoon, where my numbers have improved greatly each day, we were kept for monitoring.  By Tuesday 6pm, we where home!

I will have my next set of numbers on Friday, and I am doing great.  Ella is in perfect health and has already gained weight since her last weigh in Monday night (6 lbs, 15 oz as she is back up to 7 pounds today at our first pediatrician visit.

Thank you all for your well wishes.  We are on cloud nine and so happy with our perfect little girl.




Posted by amy at 6:29 PM PST
Thursday, 29 October 2009
Nesting sure does keep you busy
Topic: Amy in AZ

Poor little blog, wish i had an automatic capture mode.  Hopefully over the next couple weeks I can upload pictures of all the things I have been "feathering the nest" with these days.

Lets start with BIBS!  I found a wonderful seller on Etsy- ColorMeCute...if there is a baby in or coming into your life- go buy her stuff!!!  Wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail :)

I was able to work a custom order with her for matching bibs and burpclothes- with adorable "e"s on them!!!

All is well on the baby front... weekly appointments with a little dialation progress (1.5 cm on the 26th) and working on my listS of things to do!


Posted by amy at 10:08 AM PDT
Thursday, 10 September 2009
Small Paul
Topic: Baby Nemo

Paul Frank is my friend, and I am in love with Small Paul- and of course anything julius.  The fascination began in Las Vegas last month, when across the street from our hotel was a Paul Frank store.  I think that is the only placed I shopped (and all I got were a mini monkey charm, some booties and the white onsie)  and I crushed really hard on a Blue diaper bag, but couldn't see paying 80bucks!  But eBay saved the day...where I found a PINK one (New with Tags!)- for half the price!-- then i had to get the matching wipe case, and even more pink goodness for Ella's first outfit home from a store called my sweet muffin.   So this is just a small collection representation, compared to the items I have been picking up at Target...did you know Small Paul is at Target too? 



Posted by amy at 6:31 AM PDT
Wednesday, 9 September 2009
To the NINES
Topic: Amy in AZ

Nine is a pretty big deal around the chez secrest these days.

I turned 36  (3+6 = 9) back in April

We celebrated our 9th annivesary back in August

and today is Mr. Mark's birthday-- yes 09/09/09 and he turns 36 (3+6 = 9)

Now how cool is that?

Happy Birthday Mr. Mark!!!!

Posted by amy at 6:33 AM PDT
Tuesday, 8 September 2009
Anthropologie High
Topic: Amy in AZ

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores and has been for years.  I only thought we had two locations in the valley (both in Scottsdale, both with hideous parking setups)  To my surprise I found one nested in Mesa and I had a moment of "have i been living under a rock?" 

Yesterday I scored some wonderful deals-- CARDIGANS!!!, with front row parking, bonus.

And for those who are fans of the "anthro-style" I recommend you see Inglorious Shoshanna's wardrobe is A-mazing.


Posted by amy at 7:48 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 6:28 AM PDT
Monday, 7 September 2009
Reading List
Topic: Amy in AZ

Oh the nesting is happening full force these days... over the last month I have been ordering books from Amazon--- here is a small pile of reading--everything from baby knitting and baby growin', to sustainable housekeeping, our favorite sandwich shop in NYC, to style (as I am dreaming of getting back into old my clothes by the holidays)--sorry no links, but you can see titles and authors for research.



Posted by amy at 12:51 PM PDT
Monday, 31 August 2009
Greetings from Ella-ville.
Topic: Baby Nemo

 Here are a few highlight pics from our 3rd Trimester ultrasound (week 29!).   And yes that is a head  HAIR (verified by technician) already growing in.  In the 2nd and 3rd pics I started talking to her during the ultrasound and got her to smile :D.  I am so amazed with the technology, and have over 30 minutes of video and over 75 pictures that will all go in her baby scrapbook.  It just makes it that much more real that she will be here soon!



Posted by amy at 6:29 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, 1 September 2009 6:42 AM PDT
Sunday, 30 August 2009
Arcadia knitting chronicles
Topic: Finished Objects

Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with this ate my Vegas post, so I have given up and am moving on to next fun topic.

Mark and I met up with the Luscious Gracious Crew (Kiki/Steve/Lily and Lucy) and Stephanie on Saturday morning for some brunchies and knitting at Berthas (32nd/IndianSchool for the locals).  We had a great time in the Arcadia district and this will be one of our must go faves.  I was super surprised when Kiki presented us with this AWESOME delicious masterpiece. Note how the buttons look like M & Ms!!!  I love it so much- and I know Ella will too!  Thanks Kiki!!!!<3

I have been feverishly working on knitting here at Chez Secrest.  I joined THE GREAT SEPTEMBER NEEDLE HARVEST to come to terms with my projects, and will have clean needles by the end of September.  Here are a pair of boy-friendly booties (from stitch and bitch nation book 2 using GGH goa) I made for my friend Lisa's baby Colton-- Welcome to the world little guy!- yes I made some custom amyville sushi buttons




Posted by amy at 10:05 AM PDT
Sunday, 9 August 2009
Greetings from Vegas
Topic: Travels

A detailed post with the Vegas pics and details will follow.  Mark and I had a super time!!!!  Here are a couple of highlights....more soon!




Posted by amy at 7:41 PM PDT
Sunday, 2 August 2009
Cupcakes on da Brain
Topic: Craftiness

here at chez Secrest, it's all cupcakes, all the time.

There's lots of knitting going on for Baby Ella these days.  Here is the latest highlight off the needles for the littlest amyville helper-to-be. A mini cupcake hat!  And YAY that it was made with yarns already in the stash (rowan calmer, berroco plush, and rowan cashsoft...and i must use my japanese pom-pom maker more, its super easy)

I have been working on some new designs and some new products for the amyville shop.  Here is a prototype that is for immediate sale.

Details----------------->  The ring has found a new home!

The ring is a size 7.  The ring itself and all headpins are sterling silver.  There are 4 types of swarovski crystals, and the cupcake designs are not ones i normally make in my amyville these are very pink and unique! :)
The price for this ring is $28.00  That includes priority mail shipping in the United States or first class shipping Internationally-- note i don't ship to Italy. 
If you are me at amy_secrest(at)yahoo(dot)com   This will be the exact ring you will receive, and I will ship immediately upon full PAYPAL payment received.


Posted by amy at 10:40 AM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 30 August 2009 10:22 AM PDT

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