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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Sunday, 2 August 2009
Cupcakes on da Brain
Topic: Craftiness

here at chez Secrest, it's all cupcakes, all the time.

There's lots of knitting going on for Baby Ella these days.  Here is the latest highlight off the needles for the littlest amyville helper-to-be. A mini cupcake hat!  And YAY that it was made with yarns already in the stash (rowan calmer, berroco plush, and rowan cashsoft...and i must use my japanese pom-pom maker more, its super easy)

I have been working on some new designs and some new products for the amyville shop.  Here is a prototype that is for immediate sale.

Details----------------->  The ring has found a new home!

The ring is a size 7.  The ring itself and all headpins are sterling silver.  There are 4 types of swarovski crystals, and the cupcake designs are not ones i normally make in my amyville these are very pink and unique! :)
The price for this ring is $28.00  That includes priority mail shipping in the United States or first class shipping Internationally-- note i don't ship to Italy. 
If you are me at amy_secrest(at)yahoo(dot)com   This will be the exact ring you will receive, and I will ship immediately upon full PAYPAL payment received.


Posted by amy at 10:40 AM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 30 August 2009 10:22 AM PDT
Saturday, 14 February 2009
Embracing the Geekery
Topic: Craftiness

My geekery is full throttle as of late.  Getting ready for the WATCHMEN premiere March 6th!  I decided to pick up the entire series (now in one big graphic novel)...most excellent.

Also I found awesome molecular jewelry on Etsy by Molecular Muse  I picked up an Acetylcholine charm. 

Mr. Wizard tip from the day taken from Molecular Muse: 

Acetylcholine is important for learning, memory, and dreaming. During the day, acetylcholine helps us focus on the task at hand. At night, acetylcholine re-enters our brains during the REM (or dreaming) sleep. I imagine that artists like novelists have a lot of acetylcholine, which gives them a focused day-life and a rich dream-life.



Posted by amy at 10:47 AM PST
Monday, 8 September 2008
Eggs-cellent beading
Topic: Craftiness

I discovered an eggs-cellent tip to add to my bat-girl toolbelt o tricks.  After making a cabernet- inspired necklace with 4mm garnet rounds and sterling silver, it looked too new and shiny.  After doing some research, I found an "all natural way" to oxidize sterling silver... brillant.  Good thing we buy a flat of 60 eggs at Costco on regular basis (can never have too much protein).


Here is the result-- Cabernet Twilight



Posted by amy at 5:59 PM PDT
Wednesday, 19 March 2008
Magnetic Attraction
Topic: Craftiness

For a super easy...instant gratifying craft...glue some magnets on found treasures for your magnetic board or fridge.  I use Darice brand magnets (found at JoAnn's) and my trusty E-6000 glue.  If you have fun pin back buttons that don't have a home/resting spot-- use some wirecutter pliers and carefully trim off the pinback- then glue on a magnet.  Also this is a great use for Shrinky Dinks!



Posted by amy at 10:06 PM PDT
Tuesday, 18 March 2008
Teeny Martini please
Topic: Craftiness

SWANK!-- Something about Martinis--- and teeny martinis-- why not!  Though its not a true martini glass shape, heck its close enough.  The overall size from base to pimento is just over 1/2".  Here are a pair I whipped together-



Posted by amy at 7:46 PM PDT
Sunday, 16 September 2007
look what i made... and jen too.
Topic: Craftiness

I have been creating lately-- here is custom bracelet I made-- 


knitted kimono and booties- here is a baby gift for Jen and Justin's baby due in 2 weeks-- 


And look what Jen (and Justin) made  Meet Lilly!  She made her debut two weeks early




Posted by amy at 8:37 PM PDT
Saturday, 7 July 2007
Clementine and a sale
Topic: Craftiness

Ever get a little design in your head, that drives you batty until you make it?  Meet Clementine.  She was created last night and shipped out this morning to an amyville fan.

And on a different note--- I am selling this set-- new and never used:

Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles and
2 sets of Addi Turbo circular needles  24" US size 0 (2.0mm)

I am selling this set for $30 (this incudes US shipping) 
(note book retails $17.95 and needles each $12.50)

I prefer to sell to a US buyer and will accept Paypal or Money Order.

Are you interested? email me at amy_secrest(at)yahoo(dot)com and I will reply to you shortly!  Thanks for your consideration :)



Posted by amy at 2:30 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 22 July 2007 6:56 PM PDT
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
more finds to share
Topic: Craftiness

At Hobby Bench I also found the coolest coloring book... Quilts... AMISH quilt patterns-- I am making photocopies to color and play around with 

Here is a peek inside...

And some math fun too...

BTW-- we saw Transformers the movie- we liked it- go Optimus Prime!


Posted by amy at 7:41 PM PDT
Friday, 2 February 2007
Hangin' with my Gnomies
Topic: Craftiness

My friend Jen F/M. is a huge gnome fan, so when she told me about that this book I had to get on EBay and get my own!  Oh man, what a find-- a fabric dust jacket and all!

Here is a sneaky peek-

And Jen F/M. is super fab, as she brought me some wonderful goodies during her visit this week-- check it out!  perfectly shelled walnut halves all the way from Washington State (at her parent's house).  These will make perfect gnome beds!

More pics and craftiness to come!


Posted by amy at 7:18 PM PST
Updated: Sunday, 4 February 2007 3:35 PM PST
Tuesday, 30 January 2007
Meet Herman.
Topic: Craftiness

HI everyone, my name is Herman.  I have been in Amy's head for a while and just recently came into the world.  Amy says I am much cuter in person.  Please be sure to say "howdy" to me!

Is it rude that I am sitting on Abe's head?

I like hanging out with Amy- and Mr. Mark thinks I am pretty cool too.



Posted by amy at 8:43 PM PST

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