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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Tuesday, 27 July 2010
Yeah- we are still here
Topic: Ella
Just a hello!  I am all about reading blogs these days, not posting to my own!  Lots of babytime, crawling, crafting, and just trying to soak up every moment of this little blue-eyed beauty-- as we approach 9 months on August 6th...we are truly enjoying the ride!


Posted by amy at 8:31 AM PDT
Wednesday, 6 January 2010
2 months!
Topic: Ella

Time does fly!!!



Posted by amy at 9:40 AM PST
Friday, 11 December 2009
Baby Smiles
Topic: Ella

Ella at 5 smiles are the best!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by amy at 12:54 PM PST
Sunday, 6 December 2009
1 month today!
Topic: Ella



Posted by amy at 12:18 PM PST
Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Mommy Bootcamp
Topic: Ella

Mommy Bootcamp does have its privies...early embarassment opportunities for Ella!  like these photos.  This is the hat I knit a while back for our little amyville cupcake.  Definitely see my Strawberry Shortcake childhood influences




Posted by amy at 9:31 AM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 18 November 2009 9:33 AM PST
Tuesday, 17 November 2009
Groundhog Day for Rookies
Topic: Ella

Today is our first day at home alone, as Daddy went back to work today.  Its like Groundhog Day (with Bill Murray) and we get to try things out again every 3 hours or so :)  we are both getting the hang of this.  She is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!





Posted by amy at 12:37 PM PST
Thursday, 12 November 2009
She is HERE!
Topic: Ella

She is HERE!

So lets’ catchup!

Since October 25 I hadn’t been feeling very good, and blamed it on late third trimester pregnancy.  By Halloween I felt more run down each day, with a super increase in my water intake.  I had talked to my OBGYN about this, and he was keeping an eye on the symptoms realizing I was I drinking 2.5 gallons of water of day and still super thirsty, I was brought in for Lab work Nov 5th. 

On Nov 6th morning, my OBGYN was frantically trying to track me down (as I was with two girlfriends for breakfast and didn’t recognize the cell number on my phone)  Before I had a chance to listen to the voicemail, Mark reached me a frantic telling me to get home and meet him there, the Dr. wants to deliver Ella today due to my Lab Results.  Though I looked “normal” and blamed my symptoms on being pregnant… my liver was shutting down, with kidney failure soon to follow, all based my body responding to the placenta and pregnancy.  The baby was in no danger, as I would be the one to “get sick first” as the Dr. put it.

We were in the hospital within an hour, with the Dr. seeing us shortly after.  After assessment, I was told at 1:15 I would be having a C-section at 3:30. I was able to just have a spinal block and be awake for Ella’s birth. Ella was born at  4:01 Friday, Nov 6th.  We had no issues, and my health instantly improved within moments of her birth.  and I was up and running around within 10 hours of Ella’s birth. 





Ella McLaren Secrest
November 6, 2009
7lbs 4 oz
19.75 in



We were in the hospital until Tuesday afternoon, where my numbers have improved greatly each day, we were kept for monitoring.  By Tuesday 6pm, we where home!

I will have my next set of numbers on Friday, and I am doing great.  Ella is in perfect health and has already gained weight since her last weigh in Monday night (6 lbs, 15 oz as she is back up to 7 pounds today at our first pediatrician visit.

Thank you all for your well wishes.  We are on cloud nine and so happy with our perfect little girl.




Posted by amy at 6:29 PM PST

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