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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Monday, 5 April 2010
Here's to another YEAR!
Topic: Amy in AZ

Nothing like a little birthday mail to get things a goin' here.  I go this Anthropoligie birthday card, complete with birthday candle necklace-- note I wore this necklace friday, saturday, sunday, and today for my non-stop birthday weekend...respect the candle!

Anthro has some great finds and of course all in comfy cozy forgiving jersey cotton.  I scored some new items for the work wardrobe.

This evening we are enjoying the Butler/Duke game, and cheering for the under-dawgs...Go Butler

happy birthday to me :)

Posted by amy at 7:35 PM PDT
Saturday, 6 March 2010
New Mom excuse
Topic: Amy in AZ

How long do new mommies get to use the "New Mom" excuse for just being forgetful, flakey, or just too busy?  I got this uber cute figure from my MIL, thanks, Mom S.! :)  Yeah that look about sums up most of my days- we are figuring it out as we go :) 

Today I have been taking pictures of my crafts and such around the house... yes creativity is still happening in Amyville :)




Today is Ella's 4 month birthday!



Posted by amy at 3:07 PM PST
Thursday, 29 October 2009
Nesting sure does keep you busy
Topic: Amy in AZ

Poor little blog, wish i had an automatic capture mode.  Hopefully over the next couple weeks I can upload pictures of all the things I have been "feathering the nest" with these days.

Lets start with BIBS!  I found a wonderful seller on Etsy- ColorMeCute...if there is a baby in or coming into your life- go buy her stuff!!!  Wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail :)

I was able to work a custom order with her for matching bibs and burpclothes- with adorable "e"s on them!!!

All is well on the baby front... weekly appointments with a little dialation progress (1.5 cm on the 26th) and working on my listS of things to do!


Posted by amy at 10:08 AM PDT
Wednesday, 9 September 2009
To the NINES
Topic: Amy in AZ

Nine is a pretty big deal around the chez secrest these days.

I turned 36  (3+6 = 9) back in April

We celebrated our 9th annivesary back in August

and today is Mr. Mark's birthday-- yes 09/09/09 and he turns 36 (3+6 = 9)

Now how cool is that?

Happy Birthday Mr. Mark!!!!

Posted by amy at 6:33 AM PDT
Tuesday, 8 September 2009
Anthropologie High
Topic: Amy in AZ

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores and has been for years.  I only thought we had two locations in the valley (both in Scottsdale, both with hideous parking setups)  To my surprise I found one nested in Mesa and I had a moment of "have i been living under a rock?" 

Yesterday I scored some wonderful deals-- CARDIGANS!!!, with front row parking, bonus.

And for those who are fans of the "anthro-style" I recommend you see Inglorious Shoshanna's wardrobe is A-mazing.


Posted by amy at 7:48 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 9 September 2009 6:28 AM PDT
Monday, 7 September 2009
Reading List
Topic: Amy in AZ

Oh the nesting is happening full force these days... over the last month I have been ordering books from Amazon--- here is a small pile of reading--everything from baby knitting and baby growin', to sustainable housekeeping, our favorite sandwich shop in NYC, to style (as I am dreaming of getting back into old my clothes by the holidays)--sorry no links, but you can see titles and authors for research.



Posted by amy at 12:51 PM PDT
Sunday, 5 July 2009
Trains and Faeries
Topic: Amy in AZ

My friend Anny from SanDiego was in town, and I got to spend some time with her both Thursday and Friday.  Friday, we took her niece, Lily, to the McCormick Railroad park in Scottsdale.  It was super hot even at 9 am, but we had a lot of fun that morning.  Here we are the on the carousel with a bonus belly shot.

Also have been revisiting my faerie art.... I blame the show Merlin for the throwback.  I have been pouring thru my Froud/Lee faerie books ( I love Froud's artwork), and broke this little guy, Heiber, out of the amyville archives.  More faeries are in the works this summer, just need to carve out the time.



Posted by amy at 8:19 AM PDT
Thursday, 25 June 2009
A blog's TRUE purpose
Topic: Amy in AZ

Every once in a while one's Blog is used to get the word out.... even when the word is not good.

I found out today an Australian company called Diva ( has copied stolen a few of my designs, as well as fellow artists from  It appears they are being mass produced, as the quality is low, and the prices are super cheap.  It makes me wonder where (under what type of working conditions) they are being made (and by whom... CHILDREN?)












Please read the full story here at Shanalogic's blog

·       Diva is mass producing items in order to sell them for less than indie artists can afford to sell their originals

·       Please do not support DIVA by purchasing their merchandise

·       Please feel free to contact them about this issue

Posted by amy at 7:39 AM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 25 June 2009 7:41 AM PDT
Wednesday, 4 March 2009
I'll be back!
Topic: Amy in AZ

This week is my 'work-a-versary' at Intel... but to my surprise I found out I really work at Cyberdyne (Skynet)...sweet!  This picture as taken at CeBIT.



Posted by amy at 1:35 PM PST
Thursday, 1 January 2009
Its Tricky-- 2009
Topic: Amy in AZ

Here is to an AWESOME 2009!!!

Jam-Master Jay and D.M.C. at Jason and Nicky's Run DMC New Year's Bash!


Posted by amy at 6:14 PM PST

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