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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Sunday, 10 July 2005
back on track-- back-tack!
Topic: Sewing
Ok, time to get back on track! I have much to blog about in the next few days... a backlog of gifties and happenings I must catch up on!

First of all back-tack... My person I was "creating" for was Emily- and here is her post about my package. I am so glad she like the sewing pouch. I must admit, me and zippers don't get along very well. And what possessed me to make this... with no pattern! is beyond me. I did have a lot of fun with this project.

And one of my back tack pals Alison was so sweet to send me a little gifties for being her back-tack buddy! She made me a pincushion from the fabric I sent her! I love the double kawaii notebook!

And check out the custom shrinky pins! Thanks Alison!

Posted by amy at 9:32 PM PDT
Tuesday, 15 March 2005
Fabric Weakness
Topic: Sewing
Fabric... I am addicted. Over the past week I have been picking up fabrics here and there. My favorite fabric shop by far is Zoe's Trunk in Chandler... conveniently not to far from my way home from work! I really like vintage-y stuff:

And Amy Butler (apricot paisley) and pinky/burgundy print is designed by Kaffe Fassett. I want to make a fun skirt from this fabric and knit a sweater to match for a "garanimal look"!-- very Oilily inspired...

And who can resist sunnyside up eggs and fried chicken legs! Fun Fun Fun

Posted by amy at 4:23 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 15 March 2005 11:35 AM PST
Wednesday, 2 March 2005
"Why don't we get things started"
Topic: Sewing
I am a total Muppet fan. I can remember watching them as kid-- the show was on after Star Trek on Sunday evenings. I love love love Kermit the frog. So when I saw this book on ebay last week (found it by accident of course) I had to have it!!! I have NEVER made a quilt... but why not go for the gusto-- a Muppet Quilt! And there is lots of 3-D sculpture too, because I am up for the challenge! This book has the muppets and Sesame Street characters.

Posted by amy at 6:50 PM PST
Tuesday, 1 March 2005
Fabric Enhancement
Topic: Sewing
I am totally falling in love with fabric... especially vintage-y 1930's prints... must increase my fabric stash! I am on a yarn diet, but no one said anything about a fabric diet! I have my eye some quilting patterns, but for now will stick to some clothes for me and of course my dish soap. (thanks Mariko, had no idea my soap didn't like being naked!)
So check out my fabrics for the dish soap aprons -- I love the spaghetti and meatballs!:

and my Lilly Pulitzer fabric -- check out the monkeys!:

And of course I have some patterns for the Lilly fabric -- dresses and skirts!

Posted by amy at 6:39 PM PST
Tuesday, 25 January 2005
In Search Of...
Topic: Sewing
Do you remember that show in the 70's with Leonard Nimoy as the host? He always researched really creepy locations and there was that creepy music--

Well that is what I feel like... In Search Of...
the perfect shift dress pattern!

Calling all you sewing divas!

I want to make this dress!-Isn't it so fun!? It's from the Lilly Pulitzer line. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to look for patterns??? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Posted by amy at 8:16 PM PST
Monday, 6 September 2004
I have a new friend...
Topic: Sewing


Yes I am now a proud owner of a sewing machine... my very first. It's a Husqvarna ~ Lena model. Watch out fashion world, here comes Amy--- I can see it now "Amyville" couture.-- OK, maybe not. My first challenge after taking her out of the box was to rethread the upper and bobbin sections- what the heck was I thinking it came threaded and ready to sew, but I just had to figure out how it worked-- 45 min later I was sewing. My first masterpiece...

I love that cartoon-- and I saw this fabric at Wal-Mart months ago, so I bought a few yards for my fabric stash. Cartoon characters are so much fun!

Posted by amy at 10:51 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 6 September 2004 10:55 PM PDT

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