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Knitting-Sushi in AZ
Wednesday, 4 April 2007
Let the Celebration Begin!- cause its all about me!
Topic: Mail Faerie

(disclaimer/warning: this is a post all about me!)

Yes it's true someone here has a birthday on Thursday.  As my friends totally spoil me each year (and I wonder to myself --- do I deserve this???) I am thankful for each year and how great life is to me!  (And in the game of kharma it is all good as I recollect the birthdays of childhood past that fell on Easter where I would get my easter basket as my only birthday gift-- so maybe I am a cashing in on those birthday flops! lol) 

I must share the fun and cuteness

Stephanie was in Europe last week on a biz trip and brought me back the most delectable Chocolates from Holland and skein of yummy sock yarn I can't wait to play with!


In my cubicle I found a wonderful gift bag from my coworker Michelle filled with CANDY  (note the necklace set is the only thing that survived as I ate all the other candy at work today-- yummmmmm) and coolest card--- because its one of those song cards and when it's opened it plays "Ladies Night" from Kool and Gang-- of course she is so clever she said the actual words to the song if I listened closely are "it's Amy's Night" so I kept opening the card in the cube farm today and making my coworkers laugh


And of course the Mail Faeries showed up in FULL force at Chez Secrest-- I came home to find the LARGEST record holding "Amy-mail-love" pile of all time (I mean stuff that dreams are made of)  I have few things I need to highlight in this pile of LOVE.  The cow card on the far left came all the way from Australia.  My childhood penpal from England reconnected with me last year after not being in touch for 15 years-- She has just moved with her husband to Perth and this is the first piece of snail mail since the move-- with the most wonderful news they are expecting their first child in late September.  I got a wonderful card from my in-laws too!  The pile of goodies grouped on the right include the best david and goliath notebook, hello kitty fabric ribbon spools (LOVE IT!) and the most adorable amyville-esque pink sparkly earrings.  These items are very special to me, as  they are from one my dearest childhood friends, also named Amy.  Amy and I reconnected back in September last year when she hosted our 15 year high school reunion.  Its wonderful to have a history with friend for almost 25 years -- and that we are so close as adults.  And lastly the Muszynski clan spoiled me too...  - Raquel knows my weakness of SUSHI and I have been eye-ing this kit forever!    

THANK YOU to all my friends for making me feel so special :)  Tomorrow I am taking my cousin Jerri --"Mama Jer" -- (she is the oldest daughter of my recently deceased Auntie) to Dolce spa so we can enjoy our birthday together.  I was born on Mama Jer's 33rd birthday-- so it's very special to share a birthday with a close family member. 


Posted by amy at 7:53 PM PDT
Monday, 16 October 2006
Have we met?
Topic: Mail Faerie

Introductions please.......Blog this is Amy, Amy this is your Blog.  Yes my blog has been feeling quite ousted, abandoned, neglected...etc. 

But at always my blog waits patiently for me to post... and finally here it is!

Check out the mail-love jenn at piddleloop sent--it's wonderful- it's orange, sushi, and monkeys...such a winning mix!  Yes even some graph two weaknesses are graph paper and monkeys.  And who doesn't need a cottlefish/squid scrubie?  Jenn you know me too well :-P  Thanks for makin' my day! :)



Posted by amy at 7:28 PM PDT
Sunday, 17 September 2006
A little Japan ... from England
Topic: Mail Faerie

My long time friend Caroline* from England sent me the cutest little (about 3 inches tall ) momiji doll named Promise.   I love the look and concept of these dolls... I sense an obsession coming on! You can check out all the momijis here 

* Caroline and I became penpals in 1986.  We wrote constantly and eventually lost touch in the early 90s, during our college years.  Earlier this year a surprise letter found it's way to me!  We have reconnected and find we have much in common 20 years after the start of our friendship across the pond :)  Thanks Caro!


Posted by amy at 5:05 PM PDT
Wednesday, 28 June 2006
Pink and Orange Sushi Love
Topic: Mail Faerie
WOW! That is about all I can say about this awesome mail love that I received today. Carol sent me a gifty package today that just about knocked my socks off- man how I love my bloggin' buds! Lookie what she sent-- lots of pink and orange goodness- with sushi too! I got Hello Kitty sushi stickers, pink and orange gelly pens, the yummy-est tasting mango peach lip balm, and some hand sewn goodness-- check out the headband! Thanks Carol! I love it all :)

Posted by amy at 8:27 PM PDT
Sunday, 23 October 2005
Bonjour Eggs from France
Topic: Mail Faerie
Christmas crafting has become a realization for me this week, note the absence of posting as I overspend my crafting time hours! :)I have a feeling it may be a "photo-finish" to complete all my holiday crafts...but I am still in denial.

I got a really cool package from Rebecca in France last week-- kinder surprise eggs! And she is so clever, put them in french egg cartons, Canella had to investigate.

I love the toys that come in these eggs-- and the chocolate is quite yummy too! Thanks Rebecca!

Posted by amy at 3:22 PM PDT
Sunday, 9 October 2005
Artist Friends are the BEST!
Topic: Mail Faerie
My very good friend, Melanie- from the U.K. sent me a wonderful package. After picking it up from the postal nazis in Gilbert-- I ripped into the package immediately. I was floored. See, Melanie is an incredible artist, you know- one of those folks who can actually do portraits of people sitting in front of her, and she is a web-mistress to boot!
Lookie what she sent me... she painted, for me, one my favorite pieces of all time- Van Gogh's Starry Night. It's beautiful, and this picture doesn't give it justice! THANKS MELANIE!- I LOVE it!

Posted by amy at 9:06 PM PDT
Saturday, 17 September 2005
Who doesn't love aprons?
Topic: Mail Faerie
Amy sent me some mail-love! I was totally floored to find in my package, an apron from the queen of aprons herself. This is my very first waist tie apron--

She also sent some of her amazing cards! Be sure to check out her shop! Thanks so much Amy!:)

Posted by amy at 8:20 AM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 17 September 2005 9:09 AM PDT
Sunday, 14 August 2005
Mail Faerie Goodness
Topic: Mail Faerie
My mailbox has been smiling lately. Check out these awesome gifties I got in the mail...
Stacey sent me a little thank you package from her visit to Arizona. I love that spirograph fabric!:) And glittery rick-rack!! Thanks Stacey!

Laurie and I are doing a pin swap... If you haven't checked out her shop...go right now! She makes awesome polymer clay items on pins-- she is a clay-goddess! Lookie what she made me... a mini-Canella! And her ninjas rock too! Thanks Laurie!

Posted by amy at 8:20 PM PDT
Tuesday, 9 August 2005
Topic: Mail Faerie
Isn't surprise mail the best? This was forwarded from our old address to the new it took a little longer to get here! Lookie what Cara of Bead It fame sent me! I am so addicted to stitchmarkers! And fun san-x and sanrio notepads too! :) THANKS CARA!

Posted by amy at 9:29 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 10 August 2005 3:44 AM PDT
Wednesday, 3 August 2005
Crafty goodness
Topic: Mail Faerie
Some businesses keep the dollar bill from their first customern sale. Amyville makes friends with her first customer. Rachel was my first customer when Amyville went live last November. And a bit of trivia...she wore a pair of amyville cupcake earrings at her wedding! :) We did a crafty swap, and look at the cool decoupage frame she sent me! Pink and Orange of course! she also sent other goodies too! Thanks Rachel!!!!!

Posted by amy at 7:33 PM PDT

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